Ch. 1 The Emotional Laceration of an American Girl

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I am 6 years old and I look around the corner and see mommy packing her bags. I want to spy on mommy then I can surprise her. Won't this be fun? Mommy is packing everything so quickly. Where is she going? Is she going out with her friends again? Mommy goes out with her friends almost every night. I wanted to go with mommy once but she said that it was only for adults. I can't wait to grow up. Daddy's at the auto shop working. Daddy say's I'm his princess. When I grow up I'm going to be a princess. The phone starts to ring.

"Hello? Yes I'm on my way," Mom says.Thenit getsquiet. "Yes I'm coming! I'm going as fast as I can," Momsays.Quiet again. "Yes I know! I'm trying. Listen I'll be at the station in 30 minutes. I have the cab waiting outside," Mom says.Quiet again. "Ok. Bye sweetheart," Mom says.Then she hangs up and starts packing faster. Mommy put on her bags and I run quietly back to my room. I'll surprise her! I hear her walking down the stairs. I creep out of my room and see the front door close. Where is she going? I run down the steps and look out the window.Mommy was putting all of her bags in the car and looked back at the house. I want to go too! She started to get in the cab and I run outside. The car speeds down the street with mommy not looking back. Where was she going? I'll have to ask daddy later. I sit down in front of the TV and started watch SpongeBob. After a few hours Daddy came home. I run up to him and gave him a hug.

Dad twirls me around and says, "Hey Lalita! Watcha watching?" "SpongeBob. Daddy where's mommy," I ask. "I think she went out with a friend. She'll beack soon though. Go back and watch SpongeBob," Dad says.Well I did and then it was time for bed.

"Daddy, where's mommy," I ask. "I'm not sure honey. Let me call her cell,"Daddy says.He did and no one answered. "Lalita when did you last see mommy," Daddy asked. "Uh...five SpongeBob's ago," I say.

Daddy jumps up and says, "Oh my! Lalita go up to bed!" "What's wrong daddy," I ask. "Nothing! Just...just go to bed," Dad says. "What about my story," I ask.

"Not tonight. Just go," Dad says.Igo up the stairs andgo to bed. I wake up the next morning and run down the stairs. Daddy was still in his clothes from last night staring at a piece of paper.

"Daddy...what's wrong," I ask.He looked up and his eyes were red. "Your mother...won't be back for a while," daddy says. "Oh. Did she go with a friend," I ask. Mommy always goes out with her friends.Then his eyes get cold.

"Yes. She did now Lalita go change your clothes," daddy says."But daddy I don't-," I say.He slapped me in the face and pulled me closer."Go change your clothes now," Dad exclaimed.I started to cry and he slapped me again. Why is daddy hitting me? "Don't cry! Go change your clothes now," daddy screamed. "B-but why a-are you hitting me," I ask. Did I do something bad?

"Because mommy left me and you and it's your fault,"daddy said.He shoved me against the walls and got up. He started walking up the stairs and I crumpled to the floor. "Do I have to repeat myself?! Go get dressed now and wipe that god damned face of yours," daddy said.I hurry up the stairsbut Daddy trips me. "When I tell you to do something, you do it immediately. Understand," Daddy asks.I shook my head but he pulled me up. Maybedaddy was about to apologize. He slapped me again. "Yes what," daddy screams

"Y-yes Sir," I say. "Good. Always say Yes sir. Got it," daddy screams. "Y-yes Sir," I say.Daddy pushed me up the stairs and I crumbled onto the floor. This is all my fault.


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