Chapter Thirteen

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"The invite won't stay open forever."

Josh clambered on to the bed beside Aron and rested comfortably on his stomach, propping his head up on his elbows. Choosing his distance wisely,  not too far away to risk falling off and not too close to make Aron uncomfortable.

Josh was positive Aron would be able to feel the waves of heat radiating off him and we grew ever thankful the lights remained dim.

As the movie progressed, the boys shoulders would accidentally brush together or the occasional touch of the feet. There was still no sign of Logan, so Josh stayed to keep Aron company.

Draining the last mouthful of his tea, Aron placed the mug on the bedside table and resumed his position. This time making no effort to limit his distance.

Josh could feel the heat penetrating his skin as Aron rested his leg against Josh's. There was something new and exciting yet comforting about the gesture.

* * *

Logan finally wrapped up his call to Georgia filling her in on his plan for Josh and Aron. As he exited his room and looked around, Josh was nowhere to be seen.

Hearing low murmurs and music from Aron's room, he gently pushed the door open a crack and peered in. A smile enveloped his face seeing his closest friends bonding. The occasional touch of a shoulder or legs brushing together kindling a budding affection.

Big things were coming in future for the pair.

* * *

As the final end credits rolled, Aron stretched before rolling over and turning on his lamp. "I hope I didn't keep you from anything important with Logan." He smiled at Josh.

"I doubt it." Josh smiled back. "It's Logan, he thinks everything is important."

Josh rolled onto his back and checked the time before suddenly jumping up. "Damn. I didn't realise it was so late. I can not miss my gym appointment tomorrow."

"No troubles at all." Aron replied. "I need to be somewhat rested before I meet with the advisor tomorrow. Shall I show you out?"

Josh nodded as he collected his belongings following Aron to the door. Standing in the doorway, Josh turned to face Aron. "Can I hug You?"

Aron, surprised by Josh's boldness nodded as strong arms circles his waist. Relaxing into the hug, Aron wrapped his arms around Josh's waist and rested his head on his shoulder. "I had a great time." Aron murmured.

"Me too." Josh whispered back. "And I hope we can do this again sometime."

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