A New Friend. Part 24

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10th October 2017 All Rights Reserved.

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Fai's POV...

It has been several weeks since the night Prissy came to visit and I still refused to see him. Why on earth should I when he made his opinion of me very clear long before this damn incident happened.

I didn't care how much his son, my daughter and the twit who seems to be making herself my 'friend' were trying to influence me. I refused flat out where anything Jeremiah Charters was concerned. The man was an arse and nothing could persuade me otherwise.

Then there is Prissy. Every damn day she comes to visit. She even said on one occasion that it was because of me that she changed herself to being who she was today.

" Then we are both idiots and having a few screws loose for jumping into bed with that arse." I spat at her one day when she wouldn't shut up about him.

" What do you expect? The man just bloodywell oozes testosterone that whispers ' bed me, bed me' and you know it. But it was only the once, damn it. I didn't want to lose my job over some one night fling no matter how good the damn fling was. He regretted it just as much as I did anyway. Plus, I have someone else who means more to me than Mr Jeremiah Charters does. So don't go throwing that ball of snot at me. It won't go over well for you anyway." She had the nerve to spit right back at me which I had to say fascinated me in a way.

I don't think I have ever seen Prissy speak out this way. Especially when it was at me she was saying it. I think I was beginning to like her. Until she mentioned Issy and Danny, that is.

" And yes, I was an utter bitch back in the day when we were all going to school. You were the most popular girl. The nicest one everyone wanted to be friends with and all the girls were jealous of. So how do you expect us to act?" She went on to say to me with this sour look on her face as she sat there on the couch near mine with her arms crossed in front of her. She looked bloody ridiculous, I was thinking.

" You were more than an utter bitch, Prissy. You were a bully and everyone knew it. That's why you never had any friends and were avoided. Plus, you went after all the girls boyfriends which made for some very unhappy girls who would have liked to see you fall." I said to her in a bland voice as I looked at her with one brow raised as I smirked at her.

" Danny was an easy conquest." She suddenly blurted out to me which only had me laughing at her suddenly which she wasn't expecting me to do.

" I knew that. He was so inexperienced when we first did it that I knew he had to get some experience somewhere from someone. I will admit that I was hurt when I found out. But at the same time, you and Issy being with him showed me what an utter arse he really was. He was good friend material. But he certainly was not good boyfriend or father material. That , he was a failure at." I said to her with a genuine smile. And it was a genuine smile. I may not have liked Prissy in the past, but that was then. Not now when it was very obvious that she had changed. Much like I did I suppose.

" So, Prissy... Tell me about this new guy you have. What's he like? What does he do? Is he any good? Is he better that Rem?" I asked her and watched as her face went from one color to another as she heard me ask each question.

" Umm. It's Matt and um, he's Matt." Was just about all she could get out while her face was beet red. I couldn't help but burst into laughter since I had an inkling it might have been Matt with the looks the two of them had been giving each other every time they were in the same room or vicinity.

" Good, is he?" I asked her with a grin. I think I am going to like needling her about it.

" He's arrhm, different." She said with a shy sort of look on her face when she thought of him. Her face was still a dark shade of pink.

Anyway, most of the visits that Prissy made to me usually went like that until I found myself looking forward to her visits. They sort of sparked me up when nothing else did.

Ollie and Jarryd still visited when they can. I still can't believe that my little girl went all off on Rem like everyone has described her doing. Prissy said that the black eye he sported after she let him have it lasted a good six weeks before disappearing completely. I have to say that I was very proud of her for standing up for her poor old mum. Both mum and Prissy snorted over hearing me say that about her.

But Rem himself still calls to the house. The only one that gets to talk to him is dad. Mum won't talk to him at all. She get worried that the black eye her grand-daughter gave him would be nothing compared to what she might give him instead. So, mum let's dad handle the visits that Rem makes quite regularly.

It was dad who eventually came and talked to me and reminded me that Rem was the father of the baby I was still carrying, for which I am very grateful for still having. Weekly visits to the doctors and having scans done to determine it's growth reassure me that all is well with the little one. But it was dad who came and sat me down once when we were all alone at the time. He had begun telling me about how he and mum met.

I hadn't really thought about it since they were just my parents. But dad was saying that at one time, he and mum might very well not have gotten together because of another woman at the time who dad had become involved with that caused mum to have an accident and caused her to lose my older brother when mum was six months pregnant.

I never knew about this. That there was another baby before me. I thought I was the oldest. But dad was telling me about a woman who he thought was a friend. But she wasn't. She made life very hard for both mum and dad for quite a while and after mum lost the baby, she wouldn't have anything to do with dad even going as far as to leave town for good. But not realising that the few times she tried to let dad close to her resulted in another baby, me.

Mum was nearly due when dad found us. It was hard for him since he was the one to cause the whole mess in the first place. But he persisted in chasing after mum and he finally wore her down long enough for him to finally have her give in to marrying him. Somehting which happened only hours before I was born. That surprised me since I had heard them talking about the times they spent together long before they got married.

I just assumed that they were married at the time.

Dad said that he always found ways to make sure that mum smailed at him everyday every since then and he never gave her a reason to doubt him or cause her to weep. Mum was his reason for living and he was eternally grateful for having her in his life.

" So, why not give Jeremiah a chance to explain himself? You might be very surprised at what he has to say. Hmm?" Dad said before leaning forward and pressing a light kiss on the top of my head before leaving me to think about what he said.

And I did think about it. A lot. Over the next few days, I watched how mum and dad acted with each other. How they spoke and watching the little things they did. Like a soft touch on the shoulder. Or that grope they don't think us kids see them giving each other. 

But I think it was those long looks they gave each other when they thought we weren't looking that i think meant the most to them.

It was like they were communicating unspoken words of reassurance again to each other after all they have gone through. At least it would explain the sad looks that I would occasionally see come across their faces at certain times of the year. I think it might have something to do with the baby they lost.

But I thought of Rem and what Prissy has also been saying as well. Everyday he comes by. Always with some gift in hand and not always for me either. I guess he thinks that if he can get by my mum, he might have a good chance at getting to see me. But he hasn't met nan yet either. I can't wait for that to happen. Which didn't surprise me to happen a few days after dad and I had that little chat.

I didn't know at the time when the two of them met, that Rem had fallen a 'little in love with the little old girl' the moment she started berating him when it was her to open the door one afternoon to his knocking when he came visiting again.

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