Chapter 1: Finding Love in a Pumpkin Patch

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(Sexy Simon)

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(Sexy Simon)

Tonya sat down on a hay bale as the last customer drove away. Her family's pumpkin patch had done well this year, and she was glad she'd been the one to work it.

She glanced down then at the small pumpkin at her feet, and picking it up, she smiled. Speaking to herself she said softly, "The only one left and just big enough for a pie."

Then, pulling her gaze from the pumpkin in her hands, she gazed off into the distance at the woods that surrounded the field on two sides. Her eyes soon picked up what she was looking for, the wolf.

He'd suddenly shown up out of the blue a few weeks ago, before the pumpkin patch had even opened for business, his eyes watching her every move. Then she'd noticed him every day after that. He didn't show up until after four-thirty, but he did come daily. She'd also noticed that after all the customers left he slowly crept closer, out of the shadows, as if to watch her pack up to leave.

She had to admit, he was a beauty, or at least she assumed he was a he!

"And I'll feel right stupid if "he" ends up being a "she"!" said Tonya in a huffing laugh.

The wolf, who had been slowly creeping forward, cocked his head at her words, as if he'd heard her.

"You probably did hear me, didn't you? After all, animals have good hearing," said Tonya. "I should get going, big Halloween Bash tonight, and woe to the man, or woman, who misses it right?"

When she made no move to actually stand up, the wolf moved slowly closer, and she watched him. She wondered just how close he'd get, and if she should be scared. Somehow, she wasn't though, just curious about what had even brought him here to begin with.

He stopped about eight feet from her and let out a soft whine. Then he turned his head slightly sideways, looking toward the woods as if he'd heard something. He gave a light growl, then turned back to her.

"Problems?" she asked with a chuckle.

He must have taken the fact that she hadn't moved, and that she was speaking to him, as a sign that it was okay to move even closer.

Tonya stiffened slightly, and he paused maybe two feet from her then. This caused him to whine again, and lay down. He rolled over then, on to his back, a sign of trust, showing her his belly, among other things.

She laughed, "Guess that answers the question as to where you're a boy or not!"

He rolled back over onto his belly, then began scooting forward on it.

"You don't act like a wild wolf," said Tonya as she slowly held her hand out.

The wolf stuck his snout out, and slowly sniffed, then with a whine, he bumped her hand with his head.

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