Chapter 32

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Y/N's POV:

I walked into the establishment that I partly own along side Camila

She wanted to have a discussion with me and I'm honestly not sure what it's about

I entered the office and there sat the young Cuban Mexican woman with headphones on writing in a journal

I stood in front of the desk and got her attention. She looked up at me and smiled

Looking beautiful as ever. I was happy she looked better than the last time I saw her

"Hey" she said standing up from the chair removing her headphones to hug me

"Hey" I responded while reciprocating the embrace

"I'm glad you came because we need to talk" she said getting serious. I nodded and took a seat as did she

"I'm just gonna cut to the chase" she said and took a deep breath "I'm dropping out of this partnership" she said

"W-what?" I asked "why"

"As much as this place holds a dear place in my heart and I have so many memories here, lets face it most of those memories have to do with you" she said then she closed her eyes and took a pause "I can't stay attached to this place and own it alongside you if every time I step foot in it I'm gonna get hit with pain" she said

I nodded my head completely understanding

"That's fair" I said "truth is, i kinda don't want it anymore either" I said and that made her head shoot up and stare at me sadly

"I'm trying to move on with Sofia and this is a piece that still holds our relationship" I said and she nodded

"And if I'm going to move on from you I can't possess it either" she said

"Sooo, what do we do? Sell it to the city?" I said

"I mean I don't completely want them to tear down this place. I mean besides it holding a meaning to our relationship it also holds meaning to our friendship" she said "and we may not be together but you will always be one of my best friends y/n" she said

"Yea true" I said

"I think we should give it to the owner who we bought it from. He originally sold it to us because he needed the money and was going to sell it to the city because he couldn't keep up with it anymore. Lets just own it but he can run it" I said

"That way people can still enjoy it but it'll be off of our hands if that makes sense" i said and she bit her lip while she tried processing it

"I like that idea" she said with a smile "I mean my dad still brings sofi here and I want her to have a lot of memories as well" she said

"I'm sure Mr. González would be thrilled to have it back and his family can run it from now on" I said

"Yea I agree" camila said as she stood up as did I and she pulled me in for a hug

I wrapped my arms around her waist and she wrapped hers around my neck and rested her head against my chest

We stayed in each other's arms for a bit. It wasn't in a romantic way or crossing any lines it was as if we finally made peace with each other. Everything that we have been through, all the Hurting, the healing, and the loving finally led up to this specific moment

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