Ch 1.

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Aquamarine's POV

I unpacked my house and called my father. He came over with his bags and boxes. I moved him into the guest bed room and we caught up. Soon we both had to get work. I wore a light blue dress and black Stelltos. My nails we're already done but with white tips and my hair was curled. I got in my GT mustang and went to the elementary. I walked in to see a biker dropping of a child. He ran over to me.

"It's my first day today!" He beamed and I giggled and bent down and untucked his shirt and messed his hair up to look like it was spiked.

"Remington!" His daddy called out and came over.

"Sorry dad." He said and I giggled and poked his nose standing up.

"Sorry." He grunted and I smiled.

"Not a problem sir, he's just to cute." I said and he chuckled. His laugh was deep and low which made my insides churn.

"I have to get inside to get to my class room." I said and they nodded and I went inside and they followed. The principal showed me to my class room and sent me on my way. I walked inside and the children we're 5th graders. Remington came in with the assistant.

"Miss Unser this is Remington Lowman he's in your class. He's ahead of his grade level." She said and I nodded.

"Have a seat sweetie." I said and he went to the back room and sat by the window. I opened the blinds and let the sunshine in and they all but Remington groan. I started of with history.


Remington came in with a black eye.

"Can you call dad. The principal is scared of him." He muttered and I got up and said of course sweetie. We went to the office and I called the first number he gave me.

"It's his work if they don't answer we call his phone." He grumbled sitting down and that's when I notice his lip was bleeding still he had blood on his nose. I held the phone with my shoulder and bent down and took a wet wipe to his face.


"High this is Aqua Unser and I'm Remington Lowman's teacher is Mr Lowman in, Miss?"

"He's actually not sweetheart try his cell though."

"Alright thank you Miss." I said and hung up. I cleaned his face and got ice for his eye. A boy came out with a busted lip a bloody nose and two black eyes. He was crying and I rolled my eyes.

"What happened buddy?" I asked Remington.

"He was picking on a girl. He made her cry and he hit her for crying." He said and I smiled.

"You did good buddy." I whispered and called his dad on his cell.

"This is Happy."

"Mr Lowman I'm your sons teacher Aqua Unser. He got into a fight today. You need to pick him up."

"Shit can you drop him off at TM?"

"I can after work. I can have him sit in the office."

"Alright that works thanks." He grunted and hung up. I looked down at Remington.

"Looks like your not going home til after. I got two more hours and I'll take you home okay." I said and he nodded and hugged my waist. I bent down and hugged him I took him to my class room and we ate my big lunch.

"You eat as much as my dad." He giggled and I poked his stomach. After lunch I taught math and science. After school I took Remington to TM but there were no cars and it was closed. I sighed and took him to the diner. His dad texted me saying he would pick Remington up at my house. So we had our milkshakes and fries and went to my house. I helped him with his opened and made dinner. We ate and watched movies. We both fell asleep. I woke up to a knock on my front door and it scared Remington.

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