thirteen reasons why

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one. | although i do think they did a good job in showing the importance of our words and how they really do affect people, i will admit that leaving behind tapes is traumatizing.

two. | i really want to say something about how people say that thirteen reasons why made people want to hurt themselves more. the series held warnings of triggers and warned the audience about what exactly was going to come up, although i do think it should've been a little more clearer in their warnings, i do believe that if you don't feel like you're in a good place you shouldn't watch it.

three. | people who were meant to care about hannah, failed to be there when they needed her. making the audience feel as if their family and friends would do the same.

four. | jeff should've never died the way he did, or at all.

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i'm in such a sad mood that writing
about this is just bringing me down. feel
free to add whatever you guys want in
the comments section!

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