Coming out

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P.E has ended it was time for Rainbow Dash and Applejack to get changed into their clothes. They made their way back into the gym toilets. While Rainbow dash was undressing she tried to have a conversation with AJ so it's less awkward. "so uh, what are your plans for summer?" Rainbow asked curiously turning around to AJ. AJ put on her flannel and turned around to face Rainbow. "nothing much, probably working on the farm, i'm sure granny Smith and Big Mac will want some help this summer, how about you?" AJ asked as she carried on getting dressed. Rainbow finished getting changed and sat on the sink waiting for AJ "well, my parents said i can stay in their lake house in Florida for 2 weeks" said Rainbow. AJ frowned and walked out of the stall "i'm gonna be lonely this summer without you" AJ said as she sat next to Rainbow. "come with me then, i could use some company while i'm there, besides, i'm sure your family will do fine without you on the farm" Rainbow said as she grinned. The bell rang and it was time for break. They both jumped off the sink and made their way to the cafeteria. Rainbow Dash's hand accidentally brushed against AJ's hand which sent shivers up AJ's spine and made her blush. Finally, after moments of silence AJ answered Rainbow. "I'll think about it, i'll have to talk to granny about this" she said smiling at Rainbow. The rest of the day went by normally, just like any other day at school. 

Applejack's POV:

This day went by very quick, however, it was still stressful because of Rainbow Dash, no shes not bothering me or anything. It's just that whenever she's around i get this tickling feeling in my chest which i never had before. Is it because i'm crushing on her? But why now all of a sudden? why after all these years that i've known her? I always thought of her as my bestest friend, but now i want her to be more than just my best friend. I'm confused about my sexuality, i've dated boys before but never a girl, and this is the first time i ever had a crush on a girl. I can't be completely gay if i had feelings for boys, that must mean i'm bisexual then.

Story Mode:

It was the end of school and time to leave, AJ walked out of the main entrance and waited for Big Mac to pick her up from school. When AJ walked to the parking lot she saw Rainbow Dash and a man in a blue van drove by with Rainbow's car hooked to the back. It was a nice, quite old fashioned and small with only 2 seats. It was a navy 1966 Shelby 427 Cobra car. The man jumped out of the van and said "I fixed your tyres, Dash". Rainbow Dash hugged the man as she said "thanks, dad" . He later drove off with his van and Rainbow jumped into her car. Applejack grinned softly, she was shocked by how much Rainbow looked like her dad. Rainbow saw AJ and waved to her, "text me when you decide if you're coming with me!" Rainbow shouted over to her getting a simple "OK" from AJ then she started her engine and drove off. 2 minutes later Big Mac drove over to pick up AJ, she jumped into the old rusty truck. through the whole journey home AJ stared out the window looking very bothered about something and Big Mac could sense that. "Applejack, are you ok? you look confused" Big Mac questioned. AJ turned to look at him "N-no..I'm fine" AJ said quickly and turned back around to the window. Big mac raised an eyebrow "no you're not, i can see something is wrong, just tell me" Big Mac said once again. AJ sighed and looked down at her lap "Mac....I-I think i'm bisexual.." she blurted it out. Big Mac was so shocked he made a very aggressive break, thankfully they both had their seat belts on. Big Mac looked at AJ and widened his eyes "YOU'RE WHAT!??" Big Mac shouted. Big Mac stopped driving and spoke once again "Mother and father are probably rolling around in their graves right now in disgust, that's not the way they raised you!". Applejack could feel her face heat up as she heard what her own brother just said to her, her eyes started watering up and she went out of the car. "go without me.." AJ said with tears in her eyes. Big Mac tried to convince her to come back inside the car but AJ refused while shouting. "LEAVE ME HERE!!, JUST GO!" AJ shouted. Big Mac drove off as he felt guilty. AJ took out her phone and called Rainbow, she picked up. "Aj? hey what you doing?" she said. AJ's eyes stopped watering and she responded to Rainbow " I had an argument with my brother and i really don't want to go home to see his face, i'm so mad at him. Could you pick me up?". Rainbow frowns as she could hear AJ crying through the phone "yeah, where are right now?" Rainbow asked. AJ looks around "i'm by the gym, you know...the one by sugar cube corner to which you go to every weekend?". "Okay i'll be there in 5 minutes" Rainbow said as she hung up.

(i thought this was going to be the steamy chapter, i guess i was wrong. NEXT CHAPTER WILL BE MORE INTERESTING...i promise XD)

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