Chapter 2 : Prosthetic leg

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Audrey ^^^^^^

Audrey's p.o.v :

"Trrrrriiinnnnggg" the loud noise of the bell rang through my ears causing my elbow to slip from underneath my head , waking me up.
Yep. That's right i slept through the entire physics lesson but hey it's not my fault , Mr. Harvard is just very slow and boring .
I am totally failing Physics this semester . Ughhh... life.

I packed my bad and stood up , swinging it over my shoulder.

As soon as i stepped out of my class there was a heavy muscled arm swing over my shoulder causing me to stop in my tracks . I looked at my right to be met with Danny .

" you've got one meaty arm" i commented .
"Its all muscle little sis" he said
"Really? How do you even make all that muscle... it's way out of my league" i said frowning to myself.
"It takes a lot of hard work I tell you that baby sis" Danny says in all seriousness.

I mean how can someone lift so much weights and do so much exercise along with going on a diet plan to get abs and muscle . I can't. I mean i can't even run to rounds without completely loosing my breath and aching my limbs but then again i am not Usain Bolt , i have no need to run three laps plus B says I don't need all that exercise cause-

"Earth to Audrey" Danny said in my face while waving his hand in front of my face.

"Seriously Rey , your zoning out thing is really creeping me out now" he said and i rolled my eyes .

" By the way your shoelace is untied , tie them" he said and i looked down , indeed they were.

" I have my bag on my shoulders which is wayyyy to heavy for me plus i am too lazy to bend down and tie them so i am just gonna do them later" i said shrugging and Danny shakes his head at me.

"Suit yourself but you're probably gonna fall" he said shrugging as well and taking long strides ahead of me with his giant legs ,he is probably at the cafeteria by now as i think , curse my small legs.

Yea i am s a clumsy person and a combination of clumsy person and untied shoe lace is lethal but hey come on i just have to make it to the cafeteria and I'll tie them there pfftttt..... I'll be fi-

"Oommph" and just like that i bumped into someone's chest and tripped over my shoelace falling diagonally on my ankle .
A sudden pain shot through my foot.

"Owww owww that hurts !" I cried out in pain holding my foot .

"You again" someone said and i looked up to see the same locker guy.

"Hey couldn't you just keep your chest to yourself ?" I asked puffing my cheeks and pouting .

" oh please you ran into me all of a sudden out of nowhere" he said rolling his eyes.

"Well.... umm whatever" i said folding my arms stubbornly .

" so you getting up any time soon, you're blocking my way?" He asked making me realise i was still on the floor and i blushed out in embarasment .

I tried to get up but in vain as a sharp pain shot though my ankle making me fall back again .

Oh no ! I am gonna loose my leg ! . I'll never be able to walk again , i will never be able to play with cocoa , oh god i am too young for this !

With those thoughts in mind bile rose in my throat and tears started slipping down my cheeks as i sniffled .

"Hey ! Are you crying ?" I looked up where the voice cane from and saw that the locker guy was still standing there , i forgot about him.

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