Marriage, In name only? part nine

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Marriage, In name only?

Part nine

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Time has flown by quickly. My supervisor called me into his office today. I was told to take a four weeks off. Since I had missed my time and we are in the states again. I was ordered not to come back to base before my weeks were up. I guess he was tired of looking at me.

So hear I am packing some of my things to head home to Carla. In a way I was glad to be going home but I had my doubts too.

Would she be happy to see me? Can I keep my hands to myself? I had a wife that I couldn't touch. I was afraid to touch her when I could make her terrified to have me near her again.

That's why I gave a friend my weeks. I was afraid to go home to her. Plus he had a kid on the way. But now I was going home. I had four weeks with her. Was this good or bad?


I drove up the front drive and saw a couple of cars in the driveway. Was Carla ok? I thought to myself. Just then the front door opened and a man and Carla come out. He reached over and hugged Carla. I saw red. What the hell was going on here? Was she... No she couldn't be.... But they....

Carla looked up and then over my way. She saw me. I walked up to the front porch. She came running down them and into my arms. I didn't know what to do so I hugged her back. Not knowing what else to do. So when she kissed my I kissed her back. Holding her tight against me as we kissed.

I heard to door open and then close. But I didn't care I had her in my arms.

She broke the kiss and looked up at me with pure joy on her face.

" Mark. I am so glad your are home. And very surprised. How long are you going to be home? "

But before I could answer her. We heard a noise on the porch. Carla turned and looked and she turned red.

" Mark I would like you to met my friend's. This is Jack and his Grandfather, Christopher. And this is Rebecca and her daughter Kay' lee. Rebecca and I help out with volunteer work. Jack and Christopher came over to thank me for the pies that I make."

" Your wife makes the best pies. They are as good as my wife's before she passed on."

" Sorry to hear about your wife. But don't get any ideas about taking mine." I said. He started to laugh.

" Only if I was twenty years younger son. I'm to old to be chasing after the skirts." We all started to laugh.

Jack helped his grand father into the car. After Carla gave the old man a hug goodbye.

Rebecca and Kay' lee were still on the porch. Carla and I walked up the porch. She picked up the little girl and gave her a kiss. Kay' lee giggled and I had to smile at her laugh. I would love to have a little one. Boy or girl I didn't care one way are the other.

" It is good to finally meet you Mark"

" Nice to meet you to Rebecca. You have a beautiful little girl." She smiled.

" Thank you. Well we better get going. I'll see you later Carla."

Rebecca and Carla hugged each other. I heard them whisper but I couldn't make out the words. So I just waved goodbye as she drove away.

" I'm glad your home. I missed you."

" I missed you to. A friend's wife was going into labor so I let him go."

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