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Dear Smartasses,

Now that I'm done with that part of my life, I will move on to different stories.

You can ask me questions if you want, PM or comment. I don't really care, if your curious about anything about my life, ask and I'll answer.

So I have a little brother. His name is Mitchell James. He was born February 15th, 2004.

I also have a little sister. Her name is Mythology_Geek she doesn't want me to reveal her real name, so can we call her a name from her stories? So let's call her Abby. Her birthday is March 13th 2004. I met her this past summer.

Oh, sorry, Did I mention that she's adopted? Well, she is. She's amazing!! Even better, she dances. I also dance, so we stretch and practice together.

The both of us decided to not reveal our faces on here, or anywhere else. So I will not do face reveals. Thank you.

So I was born June 1, 2002. I am 15 now. So yea... I don't really have anything else to say, so

Oh!! I'm suspended from school and so is Caleb, so Alice, Mitchell, Caleb and some friends are going to my favorite place!!!

That's all for today,


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