About eight months had passed since I got with my one true love Elena and she was leaving again. This time however it was for university. Amazingly Elena and her incredible personality and talent had got her accepted into the University of Glasgow to do a high degree level of Art. I was unbelievably proud of her. She was going to achieve her dream, I just knew it. We had the most amazing few months, our relationship was unique and that's what made it so special and beautiful. I had spent the more helping her pack her things with Alfie before helping her put it in the car to then drive her to the airport. She had already said goodbye to everyone the day before but she wanted me and Alfie to see her off. As soon as we arrived we found the right waiting room and waited with her whilst talking about various things. Once her plane arrived we followed her outside to see her off properly.

After she said her goodbye to Alfie she walked up to me and smirked before joking "No tears this time then?" I rolled my eyes and pulled her in for a tight hug and held her in an embrace for a few seconds. "Promise you'll phone me this time?" I laughed. She laughed too and nodded and kissed my cheek. "I promise, maybe you could come visit me some time." She answered. I agreed. "I'd love that very much, don't go off with any Scots okay?" I begged. She nodded seriously before she got an announcement to board the plane. "Goodbye Joe." She sighed. "Goodbye Elena, I love you so much. I'll see you soon, good luck." I beamed back. She kissed me lovingly before whispering "I love you too." I smiled and hugged one last time before watching her board the plane, feeling much happier than last time, and she did too.

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