Chapter 1

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Lily's Pov :

Today was a Saturday. So I got to sleep in.

I woke up at noon with the summer sky shinning out the window.

I smiled, thinking that I am able to hike the mountains that have been taunting me to climb for a whole month.

I hopped out of bed, ran to my bathroom, and quickly changed into a tang top, shorts and nikee hiking shoes. Brushing my hair and placed it into a messy bun.

I packed a backpack the night before with water, phone, food, and headphones since I'll be staying the whole day up in the mountains.

Checking through my things again, before charging downstairs.

"Bye Mom!" I said grabbing an apple and running out the door before she could reply.

I jumped in my white jeep and sped off to the mountains.

After 5 minutes of driving, I made it to the parking lot. I exited the car, grabbed my stuff and started my journey.


It has been a hour and I'm half way up the mountain, the view is incredible.

The sun is raised high and the sunlight was burning through my sunglasses.

Stopping by a nearby dusty rock I observed the atmosphere around me. There was a cactus close by and a funny looking tree that was dying.

Feeling guilty already, I waved my hand in the air in a swift movement.

The tree trunk thickened, growing up about 5 inches, leaving the leaves fatened.

I just healed the tree, 4 months ago that was impossible to do.

I fanned my face which triggered another power, wind.

I sat up and went back up the route, but when I got to the edge, I really had a desire, a pull if that doesn't sound crazy to get to the top of the mountain.

I climbed up for about 15 minutes until I found a new flat surface.

I was already tired and afraid I wouldn't make it to the top.

I sat on the dirty floor, laying back on hard rock for support.

All I did was focus on the view I have been given.

My fingers found my necklace that the angel gave me.

I still have it on.

I remember my mom telling me the story of discovering it.

She told me that it was a sign that an angel is watching over me.

I laugh at the story now, I was the angel.

My thoughts were cut short when I hear a tree branch break.

I stand and look to where the noise came from.

I found myself standing on the far end of a forest, but that is unnatural considering I am near a dessert.

The noise came from the mysterious forest.

"Hello?" I asked out of pure curiosity. "Anyone there?"

I began to step closer to the noise.

No reply.

Just great.

I can't take the silence anymore.

If you haven't noticed I'm a very curious person.

I put my hands on my hips.

"I know your still there." I pointed out.

I could use my powers to move the rock away, but I can't risk it.

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