True love break-ups

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The wind of the cold chilled morning, the smell of the hot onion bagel felt like I was going to be sick as I reach out for my Holden car keys my hand immediately reaches the spill of the balsamic vinegar which I had placed on the salad, everything was going bad, I guess that’s what you get for waking upon the wrong side of the bed.

At least I know one thing that at work, Katarina was going to make my day she always gives me a laugh even when I am not in the mood I guess it’s because Kats never been out before so basically she’s got no emotional feelings. Only good thoughts come to her. She’s from LA and moved up to London about 10 years ago Kat lived in a large family and her parents couldn’t afford a proper education for all 7 children so she was home schooled until she was 16 she then worked her way up and got a job bought a car then she rented out an apartment and went to school she hasn’t seen her family ever since she moved out she still gives them calls and post cards but she hasn’t seen them in ages. She went to the same UNI as me and was also studying the same course as me magazine editor ever since then I have become so close to Kat she is like one of my sisters I see her every day and we do a lot of our shopping together.

Hello world my name is demi I live on my own in an apartment which I bought for myself for my 21st birthday the apartment is like my own little home actually come to think of it, it is my little home I love it .I have lived there for almost 3 and a half years now and I am never willing to leave, why would I .I have the most amazing view of the Buckingham palace.

I park and lock the car and walk up to the coffee stand get a flat latte and rush in the lobby I quickly rush through and squeeze myself through the sliding elevator doors as I was just about to get crushed I took of my glasses and reached out for the level two buttons, as I get out of that hot stinky breath and the sound of people tapping there foot which drives me mad. There I go starting my usual day I walk up to Kat who’s got an “LOOK AT ME GLANCE”, she grabs my shoulders and pulls me to the front desk where she work as she didn’t get the job as a magazine editor she decided she wanted to become a receptionist.

“Is it just me or do you look excited “I say laughing


“Really…how amazing “I look over to her as if I don’t care

She stares at me and screams “arrggh isn’t it amazing” she speaks

“yea sure I guess” as I nod my head and confidently walk away, I could feel something on my shoulders when I turned around it was Reece Mastin I could see the look on his face as in most girls would die to see me.

“Excuse me I cannot find my way to the interview room can you help me?” he says waiting for a response.

I didn’t want to be rude or impolite “yes sure actually our journalist is on long term leave so I will be recording a few things for her” I say looking him in the eye

“Yeah oh that’s fine” he says as I lead him to the interview room

As I take up a few pages to write up some personal info

“Sorry can I take a few photo shots for the magazine” I ask in polite

“Yea sure I mean that’s what I came in for right? “He says giggling

“Yes” I say looking him in the eye that’s when I knew that mastin was playing smart.

I walked him into the photograph room where I take a few photo shots. Once we finished I say goodbye and headed off to the front desk because Kats break is on at the same time as mine.

“Hey”I say to Kat, but she just looks at me and walks at a faster speed.

“KAT, what’s wrong are you ok? Tell me what happened?” I say

“Oh I’m pretty sure you can figure that out on your own, you liar I’m never going to speak to you again just leave me alone you’re a loser and a….a…. “She says looking at me and then tears up crying

I can’t believe it she was just about to call me a, I don’t even want to say it

“You know this would be a lot of easier if I actually knew what you were talking about” I say confused

“your such a big cover up is that all you do just write up your daily excuses, how could you your supposed to be my friend “she says turning back while walking

At this point we were walking down the lobby stairs as everyone was looking at us like were some kind of celebrity or something.

“Just keep staring ok I enjoy the attention “I yell out to the crowd which is gazing at us.

“Just stop it Kat people are staring “I say to Kat

“Yea well shouldn’t they know what the real mag editor is like” she says

“You interviewed mastin and you didn’t even tell me how you could, you know how much I have wanted to see him ever since I was 11”.she yells back.

“I’m sorry ok I should have told you, so many things were going through my head I have all these problems coming out of this rabbit whole and you’re blaming me for something I didn’t know”. I fall in to tears and run faster I unlock my car and quickly hop in trying not to stare out the window then I hear a knock on the back window it was Mastin.i could see him doing some actions as in open the I open the window

“What do you want “I tell him in an ordinary manner

“Are you ok” he says

“No I’m not you destroy dreams you know you’re the reason my best friend is no longer talking to me just leave me alone……please” I reverse the car and drive away quickly.

I have this guilt inside of me like regret I wish I was never so mean I wish I could take back all the bad things I said.

I slammed the keys on the kitchen bench and lay down on the white Italian leathered that instant I heard a bang on the door I look through the eye piece and see a mailman with a large and unfamiliar envelope, as I open the door.

“Are you demi” he said handing me the envelope

“Yes” I said

“Here you go then enjoy” he says

I quickly open the envelope in it there was a letter and two concert tickets which read.

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