Unexpected Visitors. Part 23

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9th October 2017 All Rights Reserved.

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Fai's POV...

I felt like shit and I looked like shit. And her standing in front of me looking absolutely gorgeous without a hair out of place depite looking somewhat nervous was Prissy as she stood there in the doorway clutching her purse as she looked at me with a few nervous glances around the room, or at my parents before glancing back at me.

" Well, well, well. To what do I owe the pleasure of your company, Priscilla?" I asked her in a tired voice as I leaned my head back against the pillow that was behind my head as I leaned against the headboard. The last hour has been very emotional and now having her turn up as she has is a very big surprise. One I am not too sure how to take at the moment.

When daddy, who I am thinking is a dddy at the moment and not plain old dad, had sat me down on the bed, it wasn't in the reclining go to sleep position. I was in the resting up and back against the headboard position with mum fussing about me like the mother hen she has proved herself to me over the last several years where I was concerned.

" Priscilla? Prissy? One of the 'Issy's from school? That Priscilla?" Mum was asking as she turned and looked at the woman standing in my bedroom doorway with a suspicious look on her face.

" One and the same. Hello, Mrs Osmann." Prissy said a little nervously.

" I didn't recognise you with those clothes on. You normally looked like a street walker from what I remember. I can see you have matured with having a better sense of dressing yourself. The look is good on you." Mum went on to say in a hard voice after looking her up and down with a glint in her eyes as she reminded Priscilla of what she used to look like.

" Yes, Mam." Priscilla said to her with a nod of her head in acknowledgment of what mum had just said.

But neither Prissy or I said anything for a moment and with one last fidget, Mum pulled a chair next to the bed for my visitor to sit on and once Prissy was seated, mum just stood there with her hands on her hips and watched us both.

When neither of us was going to say anything, I just looked at mum who narrowed her eyes at us before hrumphing to herself and turning to walk out the door while giving us one last look. It didn't escape our notice that she left the door open either.

" I'll be back shortly with your dinner." Were her parting words as she went out of sight.

" Your mum always did scare the shit out of me." Prissy said in a low voice to me as she squirmed something like a soft banana on the chair beside me. Hearing a snort coming from the hallway outside the door let us know that she was still standing close by in case I need her.

" Mum..." Was all I said before I heard her muffled footsteps leaving going down the hallway back to the living area of the house.

" Why are you here?" I asked her, getting to the point of her unexpected visit as I looked at her as she continued to fidget with her purse as she looked up at me with that nervous look she came into the room with.

" He is mostly angry at himself. Not you." She started to say which only had my eyebrow rising at her words.

" Mostly. He didn't say one word. Not one word. He's a bloody arse." I spat at her with whatever energy I had left. I didn't want to waste it on him either as I lay back a little bit more and waited for what she was here to say apart from him being angry with himself.

" He had been under tremendous pressure with a couple of contracts and when it came out about that program which implicated you, he wasn't sure what to think." Prissy was saying as she either looked at me, around the room or down at her hands which were clenched around her purse.

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