Chapter Ten~A Familiar Voice.

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Two days later was the day of my meet up and I felt so excited. I got dressed in a grey t-shirt and black jeans and I walked down stairs to meet up with Alfie, Marcus, Caspar and Jim. We grabbed some breakfast and talked about the future events of that day before getting prepared for the huge meet up in the convention centre. I was still very excited and we all were, except Marcus was a little bit nervous. . Loud screams could be heard backstage and they got even louder when we entered the room. It was crazy and it made me unbelievably happy. I got to meet hundreds of fans and I hugged them and talked to a few of them and I saw their amazing art they had made especially. They were all amazing and kind-hearted. After we finished and everyone had left, I was talking to Marcus about how sweet all the fans were when Alfie said "Wait, there's one more girl we need to meet, although I think we've already met." I held my finger up to tell her I'd be with her in a moment and that's when she spoke.

That's when everything I had been feeling for the past three years, the hurt, the pain and the emptiness had completely disappeared. Hearing her voice, her beautiful but nervous voice, filled me with such happiness. I never thought I would hear her voice again. I was overwhelmed and I was too scared to turn around when I heard it. I just couldn't believe that she was here. Crazy. It's crazy how a voice can make you feel that way. She sounded anxious and scared when she said it.

"Hello Joe... I'm b-back..."

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