Author's Note

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Hello everyone,

This is the new and improved version of Behind Closed Gates, the book I wrote back in 2014. The original wasn't edited at all when I uploaded them to Wattpad, I wrote the story as I went, the chapters and words coming to me whenever I opened my computer.

Since then, my style has changed. I love my books but I wanted to go back through BCG and thoroughly edit it. You guys have commented on mistakes or plot holes (thank you), but I also found some of my own.

I left the Edited Prologue on the end of the Original Behind Closed Gates just so you guys have an idea on how much more you'll be getting; and to also suggest something. Get rid of the old version and upload the edited one, or do a separate story of the edited one?

Majority rules. The edited version is separate.

I also wanted it to be, because I will be cutting out some scenes from the original that won't be in the edited, and I'll be adding more scenes to the edited, and I wanted that to be clear to those of you reading it.

Sorry, had to stop to pat my attention-seeking dog...

A heads-up for those of you reading this new version, there will be MAJOR changes to Behind Closed Gates; name changes, non-existent characters, different scenery, etc. If you liked the old story, please don't let this new version ruin it. As with any book, reading it is optional. If you like the world I painted for you in the 2014 version, don't feel pressured to read the edited version.

The main changes you should know are explained as you go through, they are still the characters you know and love, just not as...well...undeveloped.

I hope you like this new version, if you choose to read it, and as always let me know what you think.

The updates on this will not be scheduled, because I will be writing my Typhoon and Her Rise after I finish Behind Broken Eyes completely, and it takes so much longer to edit a book than I realised!

I hope you enjoy the new Behind Closed Gates.


Libby Blake

P.S. The cover I posted was made by a fan,  @ChezIska, and I want to thank you so much for creating this for me, it's so beautiful! If you have more fan art, please feel free to send it to me! Don't be afraid, I would love to see it :) Thank you again!

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