Epilogue - Escape

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Then we walked.

These paths were familiar, despite the darkness and light only from the moonlight and occasional street light.

I wonder what Christopher is thinking. He was so calm when my mother confronted us and then we said our final goodbyes and looked the other way.

The envelope was surprisingly heavy as well as bulky. I haven't opened it yet, though it's in my backpack.

Christopher hasn't said where we are going and I'm afraid to ask. He seems like he's on a mission, in his dress shirt and pants with the matching shoes, carrying his bag. Every now and then he looks at his wrist watch, yet doesn't say anything nor look back at me behind him.

The night is silent until we get into the city centre. As the centre is alive, vibrant and bright.

We hit the city centre and slow down to take in the night life we only saw on news programs or caught glimpses driving to service.

We stood out on the footpath. Those around us weren't dressed so conservatively. More the extreme opposite.

Girls our age and maybe a bit older were dressed in skin tight tops that only covered past their breasts and skirts that only covered their conceiving area.

At the thought of the conceiving area, my face heated up with memories of what took place a few hours ago. The pain and then all stopping at once with a very nice feeling.

At that moment, Christopher turned to look at me and quirked an eyebrow as to why my face was red. I just smile and take his hand.

I'm in a simple conservative white dress and white leather shoes with a velcro strap. My shoes have a very small heel. No skin is exposed except for my neck and up, my arms past my forearms and my legs past my knee caps.

I wonder what it would be like to dress like those girls in the tight short clothes and laugh at each other both under the influence of something.

I tugged on Christopher's hand as I continued to watch them walk by on the other side of the street.


He looked to the side and smiled at me before looking ahead.

'Yes Jocelyn'

'Do you think it's normal for a girl to dress in such little clothing? It's forbidden in public' I wondered

He followed my line of sight and a sly grin presented itself on his face.

'Yes. I believe it is, however, dressing as we are now is also normal. Just not at this time of night or this night of the week' he explained.

How does he even know so much?

'What do you mean?' I pushed on

He looked away from the girls and back to straight ahead, seeming to know where we were going and reading signs as we went.

'Well tonight is a Saturday night. Normal people out tonight would be partying or with friends or family having fun.'

Isn't that what we usually do?

'How is that different from what we have been doing our whole life?' I questioned.

'They don't have strict forbidden rules of intimacy or isolation to the rest of the world'

'Oh' was all I said.

Taking a left turn, we were now in front of a train station and taking a step at a time down towards the platform.

Christopher was reading the train information whilst I stood silently and looked around.

We are underground and the floors are white and a red-ish brown pattern with dirty white walls and with glass elevators randomly scattered. There are gates blocking access into the platforms, so I assume you may need a ticket. On movies they use tickets.

'Let's go buy our tickets' Christopher spoke, breaking my thoughts.

I nodded and follow behind. He guides us to a machine and selects two adult tickets for 'Rose Valley', also known as a very trendy part of our city.

Rose Valley was not as nice as were we lived, though father had said it was up and coming and he wanted to build another church there. So it must be nice enough for Christopher and I.

Though it makes me wonder, why Rose Valley? Of all places? It's maybe 20 minutes away by car from home. It's very close.

'Why Rose Valley?' I ask as we scan our tickets and go through the gates and to our platform.

Christopher sighed and had a far away look in his eyes.

'My friend Lucy lives there.' He said dreamily.

'How did you make a friend?' I asked, instead of who Lucy was.

Sitting on the chair waiting for the train, he turns to me and talks excitedly.

'I first saw Lucy a long time ago. She was hanging in the park one afternoon near the church. You weren't around. It was a Monday morning. She thought it was odd that I was dressed so formally and laughed at me as she come to sit on the swing next to me. She was wearing exercise clothing and very sweaty. She told me that she'd just been for a run around here before heading off to school. From that day, we happened to just meet every Monday morning and she told me how odd our life was and how we need to get out, how people knew about our ways and it wasn't natural. Two Monday's ago, she helped me devise the plan and gave me the date. She's going to help us and let us stay in her place.' He said in one breath.

Before I could reply, our train arrives and Christopher is pulling us into the train to take a seat.

The train is full of graffiti from those of sinners and the seats are a worn leather. There is an upstairs and downstairs to the train. Each level has one side with two seaters and the other side with three seaters. There is also an odd smell. It doesn't smell clean.

'That's very nice of Lucy to help us' I muse as we take a seat downstairs.

'It is. We are very lucky Jocelyn. I can't believe we are going to have a normal life and not have to keep talking so odd' He burst with happiness.

'Whatever do you mean?'

'Exactly that! Normal people don't talk as formal unless they are in a work environment or serious'


He ruffles through his bag and hands me a water bottle which I take gracefully.

Seeing him in light brings to life his bruising on his face. His cheeks are purple and may change to a blackened shade and his arms have whip marks and a few open wombs.

Is it worth it? All this? The pain?
It's hard to say when seeing Christopher now. Though, he seems happier than he has ever been.

Hmm I wonder if Lucy is gorgeous like Christopher. That would be nice. I like to think I'm pretty though I'm not sure, as only my parents, Christopher and his parents have ever said so. Does it count to normal people?

The train announces the next stop is Rose Valley. Christopher and I get up and walk towards the train door. As they open, we step through.

The train station is the same as the last one we walked into first. Though more dirty and a little smelly.

We walk up the stairs and we see a very beautiful girl smiling at us.

She has long black curly hair, tanned olive skin, and a tall lean and muscular body with blue eyes. She is gorgeous.

'Christopher' she calls out and her voice is so lovely and peaceful. It would be nice to hear reading service.

Her smile is bright and contagious. I look to Christopher and notice he wears a bright smile and this must be Lucy. I smile as well. She seems like a perfect normal person.

'You escaped' She giggles and pulls Christopher in for a hug as he lets go of my hand at the top of the stair case.

'We did'

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