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It was like the summer ocean breeze slowly, gently coming my way. I could almost see it coming.

Then it hit me  like a wave crashes into the shore.

Everything started to dazzle. Everything became beautiful, full of life. 

Every sound, sounded sweetened, that sound tingled every inch of my body.

My God did it feel like heaven...

My body swayed gently like every move had harmony to it.

Everything that crippled me vanished,dont know where and didn't care because it made me feel alive again, and full of strength, strength that nothing, and nothing could brake me.

                                          Allmost invincible.

But silly me, little did I know that this feeling wouldn't save me from the reality that will crash into me.

Is it wrong? It sure doesn't feel wrong, but thats not what am told.

What I believed then was that I'm a learner.

This dazzling feeling took me so far away!

Into a made believe world where I conquered and the shattered pieces of me were all back into old self. This feeling was my savoir.

'' If only I could marry a hurt like that''

But it was just that feeling that was left lingering in my head, as I lay wide awake staring at the ceiling, wanting, craving that that feeling would turn into reality.

So once again reality hits me like the wave crashes into the shore but this time it wasn't that summer ocean breeze, it was that ice cold rough wave when its pushed by relentless winds in the middle of winter.

It's a stinging hit.

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