Frank Monte Centurion: Fighting BP

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Frank Monte is the owner of Centurion. Two years after the spill, an attorney visited him in his office suggesting he file a claim against a BP settlement. "I had no idea I could potentially qualify for anything," he says today. But he quickly concluded that something about the attorney's pitch wasn't right; that the settlement was created by BP, for BP to head off individual claims. "I started doing seminars for business owners every Thursday night, talking about the spill and why they should consider filing a claim. I then started recruiting the business owners as marketing reps, and created a multi-level marketing campaign."

The campaign was a bit hit. "We had so many people coming on Thursday nights, we ran out of seats, and it became standing room only." A protracted battle ensued. "BP went to the Supreme Court, contested their own settlement, and lost! The flood gates opened and we started seeing payments." In the end, he says, he was responsible for filing more than fifty million dollars in claims against BP.

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