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Once soon a time, a story never told,
Lived a princess and a knight, in a land of old.
The princess was fair, her beauty underpassed, and not to mention, she had a rather nice ass.
Sir Daniel Sexbang, with his Jew fro and boner, looked for the princess, and would not stop till he found her.
His partner, Ninja Brian, so deadly and quick, better be careful, or he'll stab you in the dick.
One day Sir Daniel came upon a gleaming tower, and said with a laugh,
"At last! I have found her!"
"Oh, princess," he said with a gleam in his eye,
"I was in the neighborhood, and thought I'd drop by."
The princess knew his intention to bone, shouted and cried,
"Not interested, leave me alone!"
Sir Daniel Sexbang, not to give up that quick, unzipped his zipper and pulled out his dick.
The princess, in all of his glory, let the knight up, and things got real
Sir Daniel knew just what to do,
Pressed a button on a boom box,
Which played a smooth groove.
The princess was confused,
And rightfully so,
Sir Daniel Began to sing,
And Dance to and fro.
"I thought we were gonna do it,"
She whined, and she pouted.
"Oh we are," Dan said dramatically, and began to sing louder.
Sir Daniel took off his armor and threw it, underneath a Kimono, so silky and fluid.
He approached the princess, with a smirky ass grin, leaned in and said,
"I'm gonna put it in,"
To his surprise, an embarrassing shock, the princess couldn't care less about the Jewish man's cock.
She rolled her eyes and flipped her hair,
"You sang so much that I just don't care,"
Sir Dan, now realizing that she's a just a bitch,
Flipped off the princess and shouted,
"Fuck this!"
Like a rag doll, dan flew out of the tower,
at the bottom Ninja Brian was making crowns out of flowers.
Now remember this lesson if you are alone,
And if you ever  want a Jewish knight to bone,
Listen to his song, though it may take some time,
Sir Daniel's Sexbang will blow your fucking mind.
The End.

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