"Im pregnant" Riley says I spit out all of the sandwhich that was in my mouth "Oh my god. What are we going to do?" She says starting to cry

"Its going to be fine." I say to her but freaking out on the inside just as well

"No its not Gabe. We'll have to tell them lies" She says crying

"Say Luke got you pregnant" I say mad at myself for saying that

"No. I am telling them it was you. That we have sex before you left and I am just now finding out I am pregnant" She says leaving and getting out of my car

I cant believe I am going to be a dad.


"Youre what!?" Seth yells as Greg drops his fork into his food at the dinner table

"I know, please dont be mad. I made a mistake." I say kind of lieing to them

"Is it Gabes?" Greg says wide eyed

"Yes" I say bowing my head into the kitchen table 

"Honey, everything is going to be all right" Farah says holding my arm

"Thank you" I say smiling at her

"No problem" She says leaving and going upstairs

"Does this mean Gabe can come back?" I ask but realising I wasnt suppose to know they made him leave.

"Well..." Seth says looking at me weird

"I know everything. You prick. Making him leave me like that" I say looking up at him

"It was for your own good." He says bowing his head

"Is it now?" I say storming off to my room


"Riley?" Greg says walking into my room

"Hey" I say 

"Gabes the dad right?" He says serious and kind of freaking me out

"Yes..?" I ask confused and worried

"So how long has he been back?" He says getting closer to me

"Uh, I am not sure" I say backing up

"Things are about to get really..." He starts to say but walks to my door and says "Strange" 


Um creepy Greg.

Stay Beautiful xoxo

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