Week 9 (10/8- 10/15)

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Had a very mini session today. She was really not focused and just not really in the mood. We worked a little bit on her lunging and trying to just get her to calm down. Reverted back to head tossing though so have to see what's up with that. I also just rubbed her down with the carrot stick, flexed her, and asked her to back from halter pressure. I did also ask for hindquarters yeilds which this was her second time but she did it off less pressure than the first time so that is progress. After our session I groomed her and removed bot fly eggs which have been on her these past couple weeks. I keep removing them and they keep coming back. Her winter coat is starting to come in as well so that is a good sign the other two have already been working on them and she has been behind on it so I'm really happy to see it coming in.

Had another short session but in a new location of the paddock which is good for her exposure. She was a bit nervous in the new environment but did really well. We worked on her lunging and she did better. She is really reactive much like Pepper do desensitizing is always a staple of what we do every session. I am noticing her getting a little bit softer in her backing too especially with the rope wiggle. We need to do a lot of work on backing to halter pressure though. She is still very tense and fights against it.

I messed around with jumping up and down beside her to get her used to a rider trying to mount. I've been playing more with the idea of when I jump jumping over her back slightly so I touch it and slide off. She is a little bit unsure of that but over all is very very good with every new thing I introduce.

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