Chapter 1: The Thunderstorm

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Rainbow's POV:

We were all just chillin' in the locker room, ranting on and on about our three week break. "Only one last show until our three week break!" I exclaimed. "I know, I can't wait!" Surprise exclaimed. "Alright Bolts, that's enough chit chat!" Spitfire exclaimed "I know everypony is excited for vacation, but a show never rests. Now, get your flanks out on the runway!!" Everypony rushed to get out the locker room. I grabbed my goggles and quickly rushed out, accidentally bumping Soarin while running. "Sorry Soarin, better get ready." I said "Spitfire will kill you if you're not out there now." "Oh okay, thanks for the heads up Rainbow." Soarin said. "No prob." I said.

Soarin's POV:

I quickly got dressed and headed out towards the runway, I sild into our line formation next to Rainbow, we all took off. Spitfire was yelling at us from the ground (sometimes I can't stand that mare). We flew where she commanded us to go, we made a sharp 360 turn, and that's when sky started to darken. Spitfire gasped, "Bolts, come on down! Looks like a storm's a brewin'." Suddenly, there was a crack of lightning. Surprise was terrified, she shrieked and quickly flew inside. I flew down too, checking to make sure everyone got inside. "Is that everypony?" I asked Spitfire. "All except for Crash." she said. I flew back into the storm to find Rainbow. "Soarin come back, it's to dangerous!" Spitfire yelled. I ignored her and kept flying.

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