Amanda beamed with pride.

Of course anyone would but she never had felt comfortable working with strangers. That was why she had hired Brianna.

But this lady was new in town and she needed a job.

Maybe even a friend too.

Amanda was sure she would need somebody to show her around.

Point her to the right places.

But she wasn't sure....

"Uh...I don't know"

"Please, I promise you, I'm a good worker. I understand seeing as I'm a complete stranger and noone wants to hire anyone they don't know anything about but how about you give me a trial week?" She said

Amanda laughed, "A trial week?"

"Yes, one week to prove I'm a decent worker and if you're not pleased then just say the word and I'm gone"

She desperately wanted a job, it was obvious.

Amanda looked behind the woman at Brianna who was still moving around to the beat of the music.

She returned her attention back to lady who was pleading with Amanda with her eyes.

What harm could be done?

Just a week and if she wasn't pleased she could easily find another job somewhere.

There weren't much choices but the local supermarket was always taking on workers.

"Just a week?"

"Just a week" she said and smiled broadly.

"Fine" Amanda gave in and shrugged her shoulders.

"There isn't much work to be done but I'll find something. You really do need a job seeing as you're new here. Where are you staying?"

The lady beamed in delight and reached in her bag for a piece of paper that had something written on it.

She placed the paper in Amanda's hand who looked at it and back up to the lady who was rambling on.

"I got this address from a friend of mines. I think the old man who is in charge of the property is renting it out" she said.

"This is right next door to me!" Amanda exclaimed and smiled.

The lady looked just as pleased to hear that as she was about getting the job.

"That's great! See? Now you can get to know me also as neighbors. I won't be a total stranger working with you then" she said and laughed a little.

"That'd be nice. I was friends with the couple who lived there but they moved away" Amanda said returning the paper to the lady.

"I just need to get in contact with the man who is renting this place out and see him. I can move in as soon as tomorrow. I'm staying at the motel across the street"

"Mr Brown. I have his number if you want"

"Yes please, I'd love that" she said and reached in her bag for a pen and flipped the paper over on the blank side.

She gave it to Amanda who scribbled the number down and handed it back over.

"Thank you very much. I appreciate the help" she said and put the paper back in her bag.

"It's no problem. I'll love to have someone living in that house again, tired of seeing it sitting there unoccupied"

She was. And she was glad it was a woman that would be living next door.

"I'll see you then?" The lady asked and turned to leave before adding, "thank you so much again for the job"

"No problem. I'll come by tomorrow if you're able to get it to rent and I'll let you know when you can come in. I'll help you get settled if you want" she offered.

"Oh no, that's alright" the lady said hastily,

"I can't bother you any further"

"It's no bother at all"

"Well then, alright. I'll head on now to see about the house" she said and waved at Amanda as she opened the door, making it tinkle and left.

"Bye!" Amanda called.

But she was gone.


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