Chapter Four

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"I'm sorry, I'm afraid I'm not fam..." Amanda began, quite certain the lady had made some mistake as she was positively sure she had no idea who she was.

"Please, I'm the one who's sorry. Of course you don't know me. I just came in town. My name is....Cynthia Polo" she interrupted.

The pause when she said her name was noticeable and Amanda lifted her brow slightly.

"Well Miss Polo, it's nice to meet you" Amanda said and offered her hand politely for the lady to shake.

She didn't hesitate and they shook hands whilst smiling kindly at each other.

"So" Amanda started, "you're new in town?"

The lady smooth down the front of her blouse and just then noticed Brianna who had came up behind her and gave her a polite nod.

"Yes. I just moved from Clarkesville"

"To BurghersBridge?"

People seldom moved here. Being a small town and all it wasn't full of opportunities and excitement most towns oozed and instead of moving in people always moved away.

Amanda for one loved the comfort of the small town, not everyone lived for the big lights and excitement the big cities gave.

Clarkesville was the neighboring town and it wasn't as small as BurghersBridge but it wasn't big either. The population was maybe just about the same just that it had more buildings and greater work opportunities for persons ready to start their lives.

Between the two towns, Clarkesville was the better choice so why did she move HERE.

"Yes. I don't know, I prefer the small towns. They give a certain comfort. Small and cozy"

And with that she tucked a strand of hair that was escaping from behind her ear right back where it was coming from.

Amanda understood all too well. She always felt that way. It was nice to know someone understood. Maybe she was in too much of a haste to judge this woman.

"I understand what you mean" she said and gave the woman a reassuring smile.

" umm said I was the person you wanted to see?"

The lady's attention had swiveled over to Brianna who was noisily dusting a shelf and hips moving to a song that was pumping through her earphones in her ears.

"Friend?" She asked.

"Yes actually. That's my best friend, her name is Brianna Conners. She works with me...." Amanda said with pride.

She noticed the lady's eyes had gotten a strange look in them again.

But this of sadness.

"I had a friend like that once..." She said and Amanda had to literally bend forwards towards the counter to hear what she had just said.

Her eyes were on the floor and she had spoken in such a low voice, as if she was remembering something.

She looked up and the sadness was gone.

What was wrong with her?

Emotions screamed from her eyes and as quickly as they came, they were gone.

It was if she was preventing herself from going down a road.

A road that held many emotions and feelings that could tumble out of her at any moment.

She was holding them in.

But why?

"As I was saying, you are the person I wanted to see because I was told you owned this shop and what I'm looking for is a job. Being new in town and all, I really need one and this shop is beautiful. Such beautiful flowers I must say, anyone would love to work here"

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