Chapter Three

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Voom! Voom!

The vibration of the cellphone paused the beer that was halfway to the girl's half parted lips. She clunked the glass down heavily on the table, much to the surprise of the bartender that was behind the counter.

He finished serving the couple he was attending to and walked down to where she was seated.

"Lady, you alright?" He asked.

He scrunched his brows together as she stared at him. She was giving him a once over and it was obvious that she was wasted.

But boy, was she beautiful.

Piercing gray eyes and a pair of heavyset breasts that he could think of one too many things that he could do to them.

He blushed in embarrassment as he realized that she was watching him taking her in.

She smiled groggily, totally at ease with the attention.

She must be. He doubted that a day went by where she wasn't approached or taken in full by men's eyes. He was just one out of the many.

She gave the man a half hearted smile and raised her glass in the air shakily, almost toppling off the bar stool.

"Hey! Careful"

"S.....s'ok....I'm, I'm fiiiiiine" She croaked out and laughed.

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