Chapter Two

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The alarm sounded and Amanda hastily pushed Simon off her now completely bare body.

"I'm late!"

He chuckled and she sent him playful daggers with her eyes.

"And so are you"

His laughter was short lived and he sprung up from the bed and dashed into the adjoining bathroom.

She laughed at his fleeting form and went to retrieve her robe from the only chair in the room where she had draped it on last night after climbing into bed.

"What's for breakfast?!" He shouted from the bathroom, water gargling in his mouth and the shower almost drowning his voice.

"What'd you want?"

"Something easy! I gotta go! Completely forgot I have a meeting this morning!"

She rolled her eyes. Simon always wanted something 'easy' but she knew better. His hearty appetite couldn't handle just an egg and toast with a cup of coffee. Her husband could eat the house down in less than 5 minutes if he wanted to.

She smiled to herself and yelled back.

"Got it!"

She finished tying the strings at the front of the robe in a neat little bow then headed downstairs.

She veered off into the kitchen as soon as she reached the bottom of the stairs and immediately got the coffee maker going.

She loved her kitchen. It was tyled in black and white tyling, both on the countertop and the floor and it was always sunny and had a nice view of the neighbor's yard through the only window that was at the far right hand corner.

The house next door was empty though. The Hamptons had moved out about six months ago and the place had been vacant since. Mr Brown, the Hampton's good friend had been given the title since the Hampton's were sure they weren't coming back.

He hadn't moved in however, sharing with Simon and Amanda that he wanted to rent the place out as he had no plans of moving in and was quite comfortable in his two bedroom house that was situated farther in the town.

She missed her old friends. Jake Hampton had worked at the same bank Simon did and they were good friends which was where she and Elizabeth's friendship had stemmed from.

They often attended each other's holiday cookouts and regular house visits from time to time. Between her, Brianna and Elizabeth they were a very nice trio indeed and shared good times together, better yet that they each lived next door to each other.

Her heart ached at the empty house now.

As if sensing her pining and need for distraction the phone rang.

She quickly wiped her hands off on a paper towel and reached for it from off the wall.



The cheery voice snapped her out of her melancholy and her mouth lifted in a smile.

"Hello you"

"It's 9:30, you should have been at work about half an hour ago" her friend scolded her.

Amanda laughed at Brianna's motherly attitude.

"Well MA'AM, it's a good thing I work for myself" she retorted and folded her hands waiting for Brianna's comeback.

"Great, now I gotta deal with a smart mouth boss along with a lazy friend" Brianna said through the phone and they both burst out laughing.

She had hired Brianna to work with her in her shop, never been the one who had trusted strangers from day one to do business with.

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