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I know this took longer than expected but college is rough guys. I had two more midterms this week and I've been stressed with trying to pick classes for next semester, but the good news is, I'll be on thanksgiving break this upcoming week, which will hopefully mean more time to write!

Anyways, a lot will happen/be hinted at in this chapter, so please try not to hate me too much? I can't wait to see y'alls reactions to this and the next few chapters, because things are about to get very real, very fast lol.

I won't keep you guys any longer since I'm sure you're all itching to see what's going to happen, so I'll leave you to it. Enjoy!

"Mama? It's not sleepy time no more" Lauren faintly heard, her nose twitching at the disturbance.

It was early, she knew it was. Partly because of the lack of light coming in through her eyelids, and partly because Camila was awake before she was.

"Just a few more minutes babe, come cuddle with mama" Lauren groggily said, opening up her arms for the girl to cuddle into.

She could feel the weight on her, and by where it was distributed, she guessed the small girl was sat contently on her hips.

"No mama, time to get up" came the same little whiny voice, this time coupled with a gentle tug at her arm.

"Baby please, it was a long night. Just a few more minutes" Lauren pleaded, her eyes still stubbornly screwed shut. She knew it was going to be a long day as well, with the long brunch and then numerous phone calls and paperwork if she decided to partner with any of the companies she was checking out.

She felt the girl above her let out a sweet little giggle, and then she was once again cuddling her baby to her chest.

She could feel Camila's warm body pressed against hers, feeling the suckles from her binkie right over her collarbone.

"Mama loves cuddling with her baby" Lauren hummed, pressing a sweet kiss to the small girl's head.

She felt Camila let out a sleepy sigh, cuddling farther into her and gently nuzzling her skin with her nose.

Lauren hummed again, trailing her hand down to softly pat a soothing rhythm on her baby's diaper. She knew Camila loved it, and it always helped relax the both of them.

One pat a little lower on her bottom had her feeling the slight heaviness to the material, and after a few seconds Lauren was blearily opening her eyes.

"Uh oh! Did my baby have a little accident?" The woman cooed lightly, knowing Camila always felt the littlest first thing in the morning and right before she went to bed.

She felt the little girl shake her head, the clicks from her pacifier speeding up as she suckled harder.

"No? I think she did, but that's okay sweetheart. Babies don't know any better do they? They can't help little accidents, Mama will help get you cleaned up" Lauren cooed, making Camila suckle harder.

The small girl almost wanted to protest, to say that no, she wasn't a baby, she was a big girl.

But with Lauren cooing so softly to her as she continued to pat her bottom, she didn't even think she could say it if she tried.

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