Chapter 1.

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Hi I'm Chloe May Malfoy. This is my life with my obnoxious 13year old brother Draco Malfoy. He drives me crazy! He has no manners and cares for no one but his self! His grades are terrible! And don't get me started on how he judges people because of there blood line! I hate my brother Draco Malfoy and that's all I need to say!

Mother: "Draco, Chloe your going to be late on your first day back" our mom yelled.

Draco: "I would hurry if Chloe would leave the bathroom so I can get a shower" He yelled back.

Chloe: "We have other bathrooms stupid" I said

Draco: "So I want to use this one!"

Chloe: "Whatever Draco!"

Mother: "Kids stop fighting!"

Draco & Chloe: "Yes Mother."

Chloe: "There you go princess." I said walking out if the bathroom.

Draco: "You know what? I don't need a shower."

Chloe: "WHAT?! MOM!"

Draco: "Hurry up or you'll miss the train. He paused then said."Sissy." He said pouting.

Chloe: "MOM!"

          ~~~~~~~Time Skip~~~~~~~~
                     (On the train)

Chloe: "Finally." I said yawning, and sitting down.

Draco: "Are you going to be hanging out with me and my friends or are you going to find your own group." He asked with his 'so called friends' beside him.

Chloe: "You know what Malfoy. I don't want  to see you or your friends stupid faces! For the rest of the year! Because I already have to live with you!"

Malfoy: "Take that back!"

Chloe: "No!"

Unknown voice: "Leave her alone!"

Voice number 2: "Harry stop!"

Malfoy: "Father will here about this Chloe May James Malfoy. My stupid little sister."

Malfoy then turned around and said.

Malfoy: "Weasley, Potter!"

He then walked away mad.

Chloe: "Thanks but I didn't need your help Harry."

Harry: "I know  I  just wanted to help a old friend."

Chloe: "Hello Ronald."

Voice: "Why hello you three."

It was Hermione.

Chloe: "How are you? I asked Hermione as she sat down."

Hermione: "I'm good you?"

Chloe: "Same as always."

Harry: "Hermione." He said giving her a hug.

Hermione: "Hello Harry." She said giving him a slight kiss on the cheek.
She then quickly pulled away. Because she saw me looking at them.

Hermione: "Sorry Chloe May."

Chloe: "It's fine."

Harry then sat back down next to me and said.

Harry: "Sorry Chlo."

Chloe: "I know we broke up two years ago but I can't stand it!"

Harry: "Chloe I can never replace you.
You know that but if I kiss a girl or a girl kisses me you can't get all jealous!"

Chloe: "I know." I said giving him a hug.

Harry: "Good." He then gave me a kiss on the forehead.

Chloe: "I love you. I always have." I whisper.

Hopefully he didn't hear me.

He smiles at me and gets up. Because we are at Hogwarts.

                 (Word Count 472)

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