Player 2

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I went back into the apartment, and dialed Parker's number, to tell him and Andrew to come over tomorrow. Parker answered his phone after two rings.
Parker: "Hey Will! What's up?"
Will: "I need you and Andrew to come over tomorrow, at 11:30."
Parker: "Okay. But why?"
Will: "Uh... I'll let you both know tomorrow. Bring stuff you'll need, because we're going to Disney."
Will: "Great! See you tomorrow, then."
Parker: "Alright, bye!"
Will: "Bye."

Okay, that's settled. Now, I just have to tell the fiance herself, that we'll be going to Disney tomorrow. As I say that, Shelby comes out of her room, and H and Graser both come back into the apartment

"Good afternoon!" I go over to hug Will
"Good afternoon." He hugs me back
I could see Graser's face light up. With that, H slapped on the arm. Graser, of course, slapped him back.
"So, Shelby. I have something to tell you!" Will announces
"Sure, what is it?" I ask, as I pull away from our hug
"We're going to Disney tomorrow!" Will says enthusiastically
"Oh! Sounds like fun! I can't wait!" I give him a warm smile

The Next Day

Yay! We're going to Disney today! I was in my apartment getting stuff ready.
"Sunscreen, check! Extra clothing, check! Water bottle, check. Pizza flavored chips, check! Phone, check! Keys, check! Wallet, check!"
I went through all my stuff, and I had everything I needed. Time to head to the Kiibble apartment!

Hopefully Disney has Pokémon cards.

I was ready to go to Disney; So was Will. All we had to do was wait for Parker, Andrew, Graser, and H. In the meantime, I'll make sure that I'm truly prepared.

I hear a knock at the door. I go to open up the door, and see that all the boys are here together.
"So, Will, do you wanna explain what is needed to be explained?" Andrew asked
"Okay, okay. We're going to Disney, because I'm gonna propose to Shelby." I explained
"Awww!" They all said in unison
"Shh! She can pro--"
"What's with the awws?" Shelby asked
"Nothing! Nothing important." I say as I put my arm around her shoulders
"Anyways, are you guys ready to go?" I could tell that H was trying to change the subject
"Yeah, yes! Let's go! That's if you guys are ready."
"Uhm yeah! I just gotta grab my stuff and we can go." Shelby said with a smile
"Okay, I'll help."  I insisted

~Time skip~

The gang rode in two separate cars. Kiibble, Parker, and Sigils in one car, and Graser and myself in another. I decided to ride with Graser to make sure he didn't tell Shelby that Will was gonna propose.
"Okay, Grase. You CANNOT tell Shelby anything about the proposal. Do you understand?"
"I-I think so..." He stuttered
"Graser, you can't think, you have to know!"
"Gah! Being a fangirl is hard! It's really complicated! Do you realize how long I've shipped Kiibble? Ever since they met! Like, in Harmony Hollow, I didn't think much about that ship, but when they met at the airport, it changed my whole outlook!"
"Graser, you can't ruin this for Will. Think about how much Will loves Shelby, and how much Will wants this whole proposal thing to be perfect." I explained
He sighed
"I'll try my best..."
"Good." I said with a grin

Eventually they all made it to Disney, and got their passes.

"So, what do you guys wanna do first?" I asked
"Ferris wheel?" Shelby suggested
"Yeah!" We all said in unison

So, they went on the Ferris wheel. Pairs of two in each seat. As Kiibble sat together on the Ferris wheel, the four boys fangirled.
As time went on, they had experienced most of the rides. The moon began to rise, and they had to prepare for the fireworks, due to the most important reason. The proposal.

We were now watching the beautiful fireworks. It was like the first date I had with Will. Still completely magical. It was nice to share this moment with all my friends. I noticed that the boys were surrounding Will and I, and I couldn't help but wonder why. They were looking at us, with cheeky smiles, phones out and ready. I looked at Will.
"Yes, Will?"
He began to bend down on one knee
My heart began to race.
He pulled out a little black box
"Shelby Grace. I've loved you for as long as I can remember hearing your voice for the first time. I didn't think meeting you on Harmony Hollow could change my life drastically. I didn't think that a person could make me feel this special way. I honestly didn't ever think that I'd be bending down on one knee for someone. You're the most special person in my life. You're the person who I want to spend my whole life with. I'll be there for you through everything. I'll be your player 1. Now, will you be my player 2?"
He opened up the box, which held the most beautiful ring. Although, I couldn't see it clearly, because of the tears of joy streaming down my face.
"Will Kiing, I will be your player 2." I gave him a tight hug, and he slipped on the ring onto my finger. At this moment, I didn't care about how the ring looked, because I immediately pulled Will into a kiss, under the moonlight and fireworks.

The Boys
"T-that w-was so b-beautiful..." Graser sniffled, as he stopped the video
The rest of the boys began crying

I now get to spend the rest of my life with my Player 2. Best day ever.

Hope you enjoyed that😊
Thank you for reading this chapter!

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