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Jayboom: someone should add mark back

Jayboom: just sayin

Youngay has added Mork to the groupchat!

WangoMango: OPpA

Mork: jesus chrisT

Jayboom: lol

Jayboom: Is it ok if I add a friend of mine?

Youngay; please do, u guys are boring

Jayboom has added not jr to the groupchat!

Not jr: wat do u want

Jayboom: yo ass

wangomango: gAy

Not jr has exited the groupchat!

Mork: well

Youngay: aDD HIM BACK

Jayboom has added not jr to the groupchat!

Not jr: 😒😒

Mork: lol, who uses emojis anymore??

Not jr; lmao, who uses 'lol' anymore

Mork: ;(

WangoMango: heY


Mork: sigh

Not jr: get yo koreaboo ass outta here

WangoMango: first of all

wangomango: koreaboo my asS

wangomango: second

wangomango: tf you've been in this gc for like three seconds and already two members dont like you wtf how do you even

Mork: right👏🏻in👏🏻yo👏🏻face👏🏻

Not jr: welp

Youngay: gUYS

Youngay: stop being mean

Not jr: gtg I have to cook

Mork; hope u start a fire and die :)

Not jr: hope Jackson fucks u so hard u can't walk :)

WangoMango: with pleasure :)

Mork; ew

Jayboom: wao

Youngay: guys

Youngay: look at this pic I took of Jackson iM


Mork: wow

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Mork: wow...

Jayboom: ya boi serving som face

WangoMango: ;)

Mork: that lowkey turned me on

Jayboom: lol bai

WangoMango: aHHH


Mork: yeah...

Mork: bye

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