Belle x Reader #1

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Prompt: You visit the library just to see Belle but one day get an offer you can't refuse.

  You grabbed a dusty book off of a random shelf, peering around to make sure you had not lost your sights on the beautiful brunette sitting on one of the only two tables in the small book room.

  Belle was still sitting there, right where she had been for the past few hours, eagerly engrossed in a rather thick book.

  You furrowed your brows and glanced down at the book in your hands. How did she do it? How could she stand sitting there for countless hours with a smile on her face? The letters just became a jumbled mess of random scribbles every time you even attempted to make sense of one sentence.

  You had tried, for several months now, to read and learn so you could have something in common to approach Belle about to no avail. Belle was extremely was why she was considered such an odd ball of a lady around the town but, as much as you admired her intellect, you could hardly keep up with it.

  You hadn't noticed the brunette get up from the desk as you turned your book, this way and that, trying to find a way to understand the mysterious language written in its pages.

  You were pulled out of your musings when you heard a soft giggle behind you. You turned around abruptly, your heart fluttering and beating against your chest as your eyes met amused chocolate ones. 'Oh-uh, hello,' you raised your hand and waved the book, awkwardly.

  Belle smiled at you slyly, gently pulling the book out of your hand. 'Pardon me if it is not my place to ask but, do you need help with something?' she kindly asked.

  You pulled your hands behind your back and clasped them together. 'Oh-er, uh...why do you ask?'

  Belle's lips twitch into a grin, her eyes dancing with mirth.

  Gods, she's so adorable, your mind whispered, distractingly-as if you hadn't noticed that once in the months you had spent watching her in the library.

  Belle raised the book in reply, 'you seem to be struggling with something involving your book,' she noted with a questionable lilt to her voice and a quirk of her brow.

  'Oh, yeah. About that...I've been having a bit of a problem...' No kidding, your mind seemed to scold, not being able to read anything but your own name when you want to read an entire book is not just 'a bit of a problem'. Your cheeks burned as you shut down your thoughts and instead focused on the young woman.

  'What's the issue?'

  'I can't read,' you mumbled out of embarrassment.

  You looked down at the carpeted floor, wishing the ground could swallow you whole. Telling your crush you were an uncultured swine didn't seem like the best way to impress them, contrary to 'Gaston's Tips to Win Over Any Girl of Your Choosing 101'.

'-nothing to be ashamed about. If you really want to learn, I'd be more than happy to teach you!'

  Warm fingers wrapped around your arm, demanding your attention. Belle beamed up at you, waiting for an answer to her subtle offer.

  You averted your gaze from her fixated look as a wave of emotions hit you. Belle typically taught young girls to read since they were the ones who were never allowed to go to school. You wanted to get to know her and you really did want to learn to read but, the idea of being alone with her in close proximity, despite that being what you've been wanting for ages, now seemed nothing short of mortifying.

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