19: Goodbye

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"Don't be sorry, Mabel," Bill said, holding back tears of his own, "if this is the choice you want, I'll go along with your wishes."

"I-I want to be with you," Mabel sobbed, "but m-my family...and school...and f-friends...I can't d-ditch them.."

"I understand." Bill nodded.

As Mabel continued to cry, Bill couldn't hold it anymore. Tears began to stream down his face and he cried on the top of Mabel's head. "I love you."

"I love you too, Bill."

After both of them cried until all the tears were gone, they looked at each other, not letting go.

"When do you want to go?" Bill asked, wiping a tear on her cheek.

Mabel frowned. "I should probably go now...they're probably worried sick about me..."

Bill was shocked yet at the same time not surprised that she wanted to go back so soon. "I see."

"Bill," Mabel mumbled, "will I ever see you again?"

"We'll meet again." Bill smiled. "Don't know where, don't when. But I know we'll meet again, some sunny day."

Mabel smiled at his kind words. "Promise?"

Bill tucked a strand of loose hair behind her ear. "I promise."

He tilted her chin up to him with his finger and leaned in to give her a kiss. Mabel closed her eyes, feeling the warmth of his lips on hers.

After their kiss, Bill sighed. "I guess it's time to go."

Mabel frowned and nodded.

They let go of each other. Mabel looked down at the floor and held his hand.

Mabel's eyes then widened. "Bill, wait here."

Bill nodded as Mabel scurried off to her bedroom, where she found her old clothes on her bed. She grabbed her shooting star sweater and rushed back Bill's room.

"Oh, yeah," Bill chuckled, "can't forget your sweater."

"No, Bill," Mabel shook her head, "I want you to keep it."

She gave Bill sweater and he gazed at it. "Are...are you sure?"

"I want you to remember me." Mabel smiled softly, "if you feel evil, just look at my sweater. Don't think of me as 'Shooting Star', think of me as Mabel who wears a shooting star sweater. Think of us. Think of our love."

Bill smiled at the sweater. "I'll remember."

Mabel smiled, feeling tears in her eyes again. "I love you, Bill."

She came close to him before giving him a final, passionate kiss.

Bill squeezed her hand, not wanting to let go. "I love you, Mabel."

Mabel fought back tears. "I'll see you again. Remember our promise."

Bill smiled and nodded. "Always."

Their hands untangled and Mabel sniffed as Bill raised his hand.

Bill sniffed. "Goodbye, Mabel."

His fingers snapped, making Mabel appear outside the Shack. She looked around and noticed Dipper coming back from the forest.

He noticed his sister and immediately ran toward her. "MABEL!"

In the end, know I made the right choice. Mabel thought.

Dipper came closer, yet Mabel didn't move. "MABEL!"

But in my heart, I'll always be with Bill.


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