Chapter three - the awakening

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I breathed in the chemical on the cloth and soon found myself feeling light headed and drowsy, the feeling took over my body and pulled my into a unconscious sleep. The last thing I remembered was being picked up instantly and shoved into to the back seat of the black car that I once saw in the distance.

I awoke to a throbbing headache and my breathing scattered, I couldn't see anything, the room was pitch black and my eyes not wanting to adjust to the new lighting. I tried to move to sit up but to no avail, it seem that my hands were bound tightly at my wrists by some sort of rope. Following this movement I attempted to move my legs, to my surprise they were found to be free from any restraints or rope. As I was analysing my situation a bright light filled the room I looked up, it took my eyes a few seconds before my eyes could adjust and I could see the person standing in the doorway.

It was the same guy as the one from the bus however he was now wearing different clothes, he wore a black turtle neck sweater, black jeans and white trainers on. His hair the same as before accept this time he had no glasses nor face mask on, after a few seconds of looking at each other he took a few paces forwards towards me.

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