Chapter 2

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I trudged back upstairs so see Taylor looking at my boxes of things, scratching the back of his neck.
"We aren't going to have enough time to pack all of your crap" He laughed
"Yeah we will! I can throw most of the junk away so it's fine" I protested

We began to pack up my things in boxes again in silence until Taylor stopped packing and turned to me.
"You're thinking about talking to Amy aren't you?"
"How did you-?" I stopped half way "Never mind" I nodded guiltily
"Why don't you? You can't leave things like this: hating each other. Over a boy. I'd get it if it was over me because I'm amazing but not over Matt. He's not worth it, Sky"
"When did you get so intelligent?"
"18 years of experience" Taylor laughed again
"Compared to my 15 years" I thought back to my conversation with Jack "You know, Jack said you were too old for me"
"But he's the same age as me"
"Boys huh?"
"You read my mind" we stayed packing my things up for an hour, not talking.

"Maybe we should go see Amy?"
"She's in hospital in LA" I reminded him
"She got let out like a month ago?"
"What? I wasn't told!"
"Maybe she didn't want you to know?" I shrugged and threw on my black jogging bottoms and white vest top that I'd kept unpacked for the journey.
"Okay, I'm ready"
"Dude, you're gonna have to give me at least 5 minutes"
"Okay well you better go quickly then" I laughed.

I really didn't know if I was ready. I mean, she made out with my boyfriend. The only boy I'd ever told I'd loved him.

I think that's why I'm so reluctant to tell Taylor how I really feel. What? You didn't know? Well duh, you live practically next door to someone for a few months and spend every day with them, you're kind of going to catch some sort of feelings aren't you? I just don't know if it's serious or not.

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