Hope From Readers

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Hey everyone. I read all of your comments on my last update. Thank you all for what you said. And I'm sorry for the title being Goodbye Signed Suicide. I promise I was not thinking of killing myself. Just harming myself just enough to want to.  That doesn't make it any better though. I lost 3 people that I cared for very much. They aren't dead but I was really stupid, said things that I didn't want to, and we haven't talked since. This is why I was so depressed.

Yesterday I wen to the hospital after I updated and I got help. They told me to do whatever makes me happy. So I will be updating as much as I can so.. get ready for that! And I will also be playing a game. If for some reason you want to know what game that is leave a comment below and I will tell you. I'm sorry for all of this happening and thank you all for your support.


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