Let Me Get You Medicine!

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When They're Sick!

Valt Aoi

Valt sneezed. 

No one was home. Well, Mrs. Aoi has a busy day, she's been making bread because they're selling quickly. Toko and Nika are in school and are going to a friends house later. 

Our poor helpless and sick boy is alone.

He heard his phone buzz. He turns over and weakly grabbed his phone, unlocked it and checked his messages.

My precious girl~

{Y/n}: Valt! Are you okay?!

{Y/n} you weren't at school today and i got worried!

Valt gave a weak smile.  He texted you back.

{Valt}: Yeah, im fine. 

{Valt}: I'm just sick

{Y/n}: oh you poor baby! im getting out school early just to check up on you!

Valt panicked. He didn't want you to miss your school day because of him. But, him being sick, he felt tired as he used his energy on you, not the he didn't mind though. 


You opened the door to Valt's room. You could feel the gloomy tension in here. Your eyes made their way to the figure laying on the bed. "Hey, Valt." She whispers, shaking him for him to wake up. His tired eyes opened, his smiles when he sees you. "(Y/n)!" He weakly said. You gave him a small smile. "Hey, Miracle Boy. How are you feeling?" You ask. Valt sighs. "I've been feeling like crap, thanks for asking." 

You chuckle, "Here, Mrs. Aoi told me that it's time for you daily dose of cough medicine." You turn to his desk, grabbed the disgusting shade of purple liquid and a spoon. You heard Valt whining, "That stuff's gross! I don't want that." You rolled your eyes. "You have to Valt." Valt turns the other way, avoiding eye contact. 

You look at the spoon full of liquid, you sighed, 'I'm going to regret this.' "Hey, Valt." You say (the last second you placed the purple liquid in your mouth), causing the boy to turn around. You got close to his face and kissed him on the lips. He blushes and somewhat squeaks as he felt liquid go through his mouth and down his throat.

"Now, that wasn't so bad. Was it?" You smirk, Valt stutters out words and just blushes more.

Shu Kurenai

"So, tell me again. Why did you go train in the rain?" You ask, giving spoonfuls of soup to the albino male. Shu blushes the most faintest pink and looks away. "I-I just wanted to train." 

Shu was in his Pajamas. A striped red top and the same thing for his pants. His hair was slightly messier than usual. 

You gave him a small peck on his forehead, "Well, too bad you won't train for at least 3 days." You say, Shu sighs, "I know." 

"Now, say 'Aah'~" You say, smirking. Shu blushes and did what you told him, avoiding eye contact. You chuckle. "Here, I think you're capable to feed yourself now, I'll go get you water and some medicine." You say, giving him the bowl on soup as you stood up and walked out of his room. Shu looks at your figure and didn't want you to go, he kinda enjoyed you feeding him.

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