Chapter 32

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Throughout the rest of that week, there were many times I had the same strange feeling that someone was observing me. However, it only occurred when I was at school and not when I was somewhere else. I knew it could only be me overreacting because hey, there were many people going to our school, anyone could be watching you.

I couldn't help but feel like this was different though. It was more like someone was secretly observing you in a creepy way, and that would not have been the case if it was just some random student observing you in the hallway.

Even though it bugged me quite a lot, I hadn't told anyone about it. Not that I felt ashamed of it... okay, maybe a little, but mostly because I didn't feel the need to tell anyone. I mean, there was nothing there whenever I checked anyway, so why should I even go around and worry about it?

It was not just that, though. It felt like Gemma had started getting more observant the last couple of days as well. Whenever we all ate together she would look between me and Harry suspiciously. It wasn't only in the kitchen she did either, but whenever it just so happened that Harry and I were in the same room as her. It was making me nervous and only added to the feeling that Harry and I should be more careful about our relationship.

However, when I mentioned it to Harry, he didn't seem very pleased and I understood him. We didn't have much of a love life as it was now, and I wanted for it to be even less? Well, I didn't want it, but you got my point. We had to be careful and I had been very clear with that ever since the start.

It was now Friday afternoon, and today we were actually going out for dinner. It was something we hadn't done ever since what happened the last time we did. I guess neither of dad or Anne wanted a repeat of the disaster so that was probably why they hadn't bothered with planning another family dinner earlier. Now, they had decided it was finally time again though.

I was currently lying on my bed, going through my phone and just waiting until it was time for us to go. As far as I knew, Harry was in his own room doing God knows what, but it wasn't like I was wondering...

To say I was excited about going out would be a definite lie. I wasn't exactly excited to pretend to hate Harry, to be more specific. It was actually something that had started getting more difficult to do, and I wasn't sure I could last an entire evening of not showing my real feelings for him. It would definitely be a hard task, which I was not looking forward to.

What I did look forward to, however, was the opportunity to hang out with Harry. Usually, we couldn't do that since we were considered enemies and it would be weird if we were seen together by our parents, but now that we didn't have any other choice, it was very nice and appreciated. Even if we couldn't show our real feelings, of course.

I looked at the time on my phone, noticing that it was only five minutes until we would go. Knowing Anne, she would get mad if I didn't show up on time. Before, I wouldn't care whatsoever about her opinion, but ever since things had started being good with Harry, I had begun accepting my new family more and more. I was starting to become happy for my dad that he had moved on from mom. Though, there was still a way to go until I was fully recovered... if I would ever be, that was.

However, I decided to get up and put on my jean jacket, which I wore almost every day. I then checked myself in the mirror, going over my other clothing in the process; my skinny, black, ripped jeans and my black t-shirt. The ends of my pants were unfolded at the ends, just like I always had them and my hair was a bit ruffled after the pillow. I ran my hands through it a few times in hopes for it to get better, which it did... a little at least.

Once I decided I was finished, I exited my room. The second I closed the door behind me, Anne's voice could be heard from downstairs; "Harry, Louis, Gemma, we're going now!"

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