Part 33 - An eye for an eye

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I was woken abruptly, I opened my eyes to reveal darkness, I could feel vibrations from under me, I was in a car. It must have been that guy that I followed, damn it! I should have known it was a trap. I tried to wiggle my arms but they we clamped shut behind me, by rope. I kept quiet and tried to memorise the turns and twists of the journey. The car came to a halt, my heart was in my mouth. I could hear deep voices talking outside, my car door opened up and I was yanked out of the car. I began to stumble as I was pushed forward, I started to struggle to get out of the strangers iron grip. "There's no point struggling woman, you ain't going anywhere until you tell me what I want to know" What the fuck was he talking about?!? I didn't know anything he wanted to know about. I heard a series of doors opening and closing behind us. I felt another hand grip around my other arm, there was no point struggling, I wouldn't get anywhere blindfolded and tied up.

Another door opened and slammed behind me, I was pushed forward and was thrown into a chair with a thud. "Oof!" the blind fold was torn from my head, the pure bright sunlight penetrated my vision, blinding me. A hand grabbed my face and turned my head to face who ever the beholder was. It was the man I had seen in the woods! "Welcome to Woodbury Jess, I'm the Governor and that's Martinez, now I'm gonna get straight to the point and get this over with" he back away and began to undo the leather holster around his waist and stood there with his hands on his hips. "Where is your camp?... We can help you .. you can all stay here" He had an evil smirk painted across his face, he wanted to know about the prison, what for? and how did he know my name? "Your barking up the wrong tree if you think I'm telling you anything" I replied bluntly staring at him dead in the eye. "How about I go and take your little boyfriends hand off and bring it in here for y'all to see?" my little boyfriend? Rick? naw Rick would probably be out looking for me, but he's not stupid. "Go ahead... makes no odds to me" The smirk fell from his face, he turned around and walked out. The other guy that had grabbed my hand had untied me and hand cuffed my hands to the chair. I needed to wait for the right moment to escape, hand cuffed were child's play. The Governor came back with someone battered and bruised, coughing and wheezing, he kicked the back of his legs and he went limp. The Governor pulled the bag off the guys head... he was hardly unrecognisable but I knew who it was... "Tom!"

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