Jungkook was in his shower thinking about the events that happened the night before. He still couldn't believe how he managed surviving through any of it .The poor guy broke a sweat and was cleansing his body as if he was purifying his tainted soul. He needed help to get over this unforgettable night. He was an innocent child who needed advice when it came to girls and relationships . He hated himself for being the pervert of perverts in your mere presence.

Why do I feel so disgusting no matter how much times I wash up? Why am I like this? , he thought to himself while trying to wash his body off of this planet

Jungkook ran his fingers through his black hair as he washed his luscious strands of silky hair, using his green apple scented shampoo. The exquisite scent of his hair was one of the few reasons why you loved his hair so much. It smelled like fruits and its texture always felt so soft yet fluffy and silky

That amazing scent would disperse its delicious aroma through your dorm room every time he showered. You could smell that scent as you were casually picking your outfit of the day.

"Whoah...Jungkook's shampoo...it always smells so good", you smiled to yourself " I shoulddefinitely ask him where he got this shampoo from'' you stare at your clothes trying to find a cute outfit

Jungkook on the other side was in the shower pondering about the meaning of life. There he was,standing under all of these droplets of water sliding from his wet hair to the side of his neck as they landed on his broad chest. His built along with these droplets of water running down his toned body were probably the reason why any girl would be drooling over his sexiness, but the boy's expression was rather adorable and defenseless.

As in for Jungkook, he was standing tall, staring at his peppermint flavored soap with a sad facial expression.

"Tell me, Peppermint soap....am I that bad of a person? Does god regrets creating me?" Jungkook fakes a sob before arguing with that inanimate object "Even if I ask you, you can't even reply...you don't even want to comfort me! Please show me some support, Peppermint soap!"

Jungkook was doing all sort of things in that shower and talking to inanimate objects was one of them. The events from the night before almost made him reach insanity,or should we say, he already did. All he needed was a comforting hug and some water to slowly recover from all of this.

"I don't think I can get through this day...I'm scared...I'm scared of making a mistake again " Jungkook shivered as he ran that soap on his manly arms and chest

Sometimes I wish this soap could make me disappear for a few days. I should just disappear from this planet for being so dumb!!

He ran a hand through his hair before shutting off the water, once he was done purifying his soul. The bathroom was full of vapor as it was still hot because of the hot water he was showering with earlier. He grabbed his towel to dry himself off before putting on his underwear and his pants. There he was shirtless, his black hair looking like a mess,absolutely exquisite.

He sighed as he stared at his reflection in the mirror. His body was in ultra-shape thanks to all of the clenching his arms and fists had gone through the night before. He had these noticeable eye bags

"Did I always looked so pitiful? Seems like my soul deserted from my body without warning Me." he hovered his fingers over the purple bags under his eyes

He knew he had to cover up these apparent eye bags, in case you would be concerned or worried about him.

"Wow... I'm doing all sorts of things! Now I'm even using concealer to hide my eye bags" he shook his head in disbelief as droplets of water from his wet bangs fell on his face "You can't get more unmanly than you already are huh, Jeon Jungkook" his fist punched the side of the wall

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