Meet The Campers P.t 2 (I guess)

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Hi welcome back and yes I know I'm a piece of shit for not posting in like FOREVER please accept my apologie I just had a diffulcult week but I will try to write a new chapter tomorrow. Thank you for your pactience and for you following this story. -Co-Writer Gay Michael :D🌈🏳️‍🌈 (Words-766)


(Y/N)'s P.O.V- 

I groaned in both pain and annoyance from falling,my thoughts changing from Max's comment to my face. I stood up at touched my nose and felt a warm liquid leaving my nose I looked at my fingers and and saw blood. I sighed and thought.Just my freakin day. As I walked I tried to find a place to clean my nose. I heard the mess hall doors slam open as all the campers poured out I was guessing to go to their activity's. I walked over to the doors and pushed them open,and I saw David looking down at his boots his eyes closed a frown in his face as he sighed.

"Uh- David you ok?" I asked concered he looked up and put on his smile again."Oh nothing!" I gazed at him questionly then blinked quickly when he asked,"What's wrong with your nose!" He questioned he ran over to me and sat me down at a close table. I was lightly blushing at his concern,"Well I wasn't paying attention and I tripped and fell.",I said embrassed my face flushed,"Well that's ok!" He said cheerily,"Come this way!" He pointed at a door in the corner of the of the mess hall."Ok."

 We walked over to the door as he opened it I saw a small desk and a window. When he opened the door more I looked at the room and saw 2 beds at the opposite sides of the of the room with there own bedside drawers. I guessed the one with the board covered in pictures and papers was David's the bed also had a log tucked in neatly in the blanket. The other bed was he same but with no pictures or log."Come sit!" David said concerned as he waved me to his bed.

Davids P.O.V🌲

I waved (Y/N) to my bed as I got up at walked over to Gwens desk and got the 2nd Aid Kit from one of the drawers. I sat down next to (Y/N) and and brought out wipes and some tissues. I gave them to (Y/N) and asked her,"Sooo...Do you like it here so far?",I asked,"Other than falling flat on my face and my nose bleeding good so far."She said sarcastically I looked at her and her eyes seemed confused,"You ok (Y/N) seems like your confused?"

,"Well I've just been thinking..-" (Y/N) was about to finish when Gwen burst in the room,"Help please-." Gwen pleaded,"Gwen what happened!", I yelped her hair was messed up and there was a small flame on it . She had a basket on her foot and her clothes where soaked."Never do underwater basket weaving and politic opinions." I kneeled  down and took off the basket and got a towel for Gwen.

 I could see (Y/N) in the corner of my eye slightly tense up,"Well I should get going and actually meet the other campers.", (Y/N) said,"Are you sure?"I asked slightly saddened."Yeah I should go.", (Y/N) said once more,"Ok! Also do you think you can watch the campers for us just tell them to behave."I asked,"Ok sure bye guys." (Y/N) left the room I sighed under my breath as I heard her footsteps getting fainter then heard the mess hall door slam open then shut.

(Y/N)'s P.O.V-

I walked out of the room then I walked out of the mess hall.I sighed and felt jealous by leaving  David and Gwen alone in the room. Alone. Alone together. I felt like I should turn around to 'help' just so I would be able to know  they weren't doing anything.Idiot it's David and Gwen. Firstly David seems to innocent. Secoundly I don't think Gwens even into David.

 I slightly hit my head with my hand because of my thoughts. I noticed all the campers tents as I walked around looking for them. I jogged over to the lake and saw all the kids swimming in the water some on boats and in floaties. I chuckled as they all were having fun. Man, maybe this was going to be great summer.


I hope you all enjoyed this chapter and I may post one tomorrow. Anyway I hope you are all enjoying the story so far and we will be posting a schedule soon. Anyway BOI. -Co-Writer Gay Michael🌈

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