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Hello! Thank you for choosing to read this book of one shots. Here is some information before you get reading!

•This book can consist of age play, kidfics or just any type of babyish fluff.

•Ageplay- when a person acts significantly younger than their actual age and may start behaving or doing things similar to the given age. (Ex. Louis- age 19 but acts like 2. Wears nappies and drinks from a bottle)

•Kidfic- Fictions when a person is that actual age. (Ex. Harry- 5)

•You may also give me prompts for just fluff. (Ex. Niall-14 Harry-19 Louis-19 Liam-19- Niall was a nightmare and the boys comfort him.)

•All of this is NON-SEXUAL so no smut you dirty people 😂 (just kidding I'm sure you're all lovely people and you're allowed to like anything on here, no matter how weird.)

•No spanking or any type of harm that's serious. (I'm okay with playful wrestling and things like that)

•You can also give me prompts with just one baby and one Daddy. Or more than one baby.

•Paul or any other people from management may be included.

•I also do prompts with Zayn if you want him included. If you don't specifically ask for him in the story, he will most likely not be in the one-shot.

•So, the range of this is pretty open-ended. I like to make them as happy as possible and have AMFAP (as much fluff as possible) so I hope you enjoy!

•Lastly, get creative with the prompt!!

Author's Notes-

First one-shot will be up tonight. I've been working on it for a couple days now :)

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