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A couple of Months had passed seen Diana Car Accident, She's now healthier then ever so does the baby

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A couple of Months had passed seen Diana Car Accident, She's now healthier then ever so does the baby. The two of them decided to not know the baby gender. Diana now is 9 months pregnant. Now that the whole world knows that they are expecting a baby everyone has been super supported by the pregnancy.

Laying down in bed there's Diana who's sleeping with pillows around her. lately, it has been a struggle for Diana to get any sleep. the baby has been super active now that she's due any time.  Sebastian woke up early to make her breakfasts. 

Diana wakes up due to the smell of bacon... Plus she needed to pee really bad. She gets off the confines of her bed and walks over to the bathroom to do her businesses. 

Diana walks into the kitchen where she finds Seb, she goes and gives him a kiss.

" Good Morning" 

" Good morning my babies" Seb smiles at her " Where you able to get any sleep?" He asks as he rubs her belly.

" I did.. Our little Peanut wasn't so active last night"

" I am glad" 

you suddenly felt like you had peed yourself, liquid ran down your thighs and you let out a small gasp. "Are you alright?" 

"I think my water just broke." Seb's eyes widened in panic. "It's coming! OH, MY GOD, the baby is coming." Seb was panicking. 

" Honey calm down and let's get to the hospital okay"

" right right"

Sebastian ran over to the baby's room to get the baby's bag. once he got it he was looking for his car keys. " baby I can't find my keys" Sebastian shouted from the bedroom.

" Seb I have the keys come on let's go" 

Finally, you guys are on it's way to the hospital, Sebastian was saying how much he loves you and some other stuff. It wasn't long after that your first contraction hit, it hurt like a bitch.

Once you guys arrive the nurses help you get ready for delivery. You groaned in pain as the doctor keeps telling you too much.

"Push! One more! "

Squeezing Sebastian's hand harder than you could ever imagine, you finally heard the faint cry of a baby. Tired you lay back on the pillows in exhaustion. The doctors worked quickly to clean off the child and wrap them in a warm blanket.

"It's a Boy." the doctor told you. 

" Little James "Sebastian mumbled with a smile as your baby was handed to you in a soft blue blanket. You and Sebastian had decided to name you baby James if it was a boy and Aurora if it was a girl. You smiled down at your little baby in your arms.

"I'm so glad to finally meet you, My little Prince. I love you so much" you whispered to the little boy. He had pale white skin and Sebastian Blue eyes. Dark brown hair color just like yours. He had your nose and precious small fingers. His hand tightly grasped around Your's pointer finger. Everything was perfect.

" Thank you for being my superwoman and for this wonderful gift. I love you so much" 

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