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I let the water wash away the thoughts of my little pet as I stood under the raging shower, the hot steam clouding my sight as my mind wandered to the very place I didn't want it to be at. Eva. She was so innocent so pure. Soon she'd be corrupted, broken too, shattered into a million pieces. I closed my eyes and saw her face, her fear struck face. Her trembling body while she pleaded for me not to touch her. Her pussy felt tight around my finger. I knew she's a virgin but I didn't know she was that tight. My balls ached at the thought of her nude petite little body, the way her pussy clenched around my finger as I made her cum, I wanted to crush her beneath me while I took her over and over again. Holding back was going to be a struggle. My hand reached for my throbbing cock as the water dripped from my body, I needed release. I gripped my manhood in my hand and paced back and forth, with every thrust came in an image of her. I picked up pace and groaned into the air as I grew harder and harder. Her tits, a thrust. Her lips, a thrust. Her tight little pussy, a thrust. Her blindfolded face, a thrust, and another one, another one and another one, I was done for. I grunted as I spilled my load onto the shower floor. The water washing away the remaining of my sin.

I had never been so desperate for a girl that I trained. It's always been strictly business. I'd take them, train them then sell them. Simple as that. She's the most important of all, she's the bait to my plan, she's going to be the one to get me what I've been working so hard for. She's nothing but a pawn. A pet. I clench my jaw as I step out of the shower and wrap a towel around my waist. Studying myself in the mirror, I fist my hands, the scars on my body reminding me of what I'm here for. What my purpose is. A deep long scar going down the side of my jaw and a small one on my left eyebrow. Two scars on my chest that fall onto my tattoo. A long scar underneath my chest, going from my abs to my ribs, a scar near my V line and a scar on my shoulder. That's nothing compared to the scars on my back. I take in my appearance, inhale my vengeance and focus on what needs to be done. These are here to always remind me, I'm not doing this for fun, but for revenge.

The sound of my phone pulls me out of my heated thoughts and I already know who's calling.

'Yeah?' I wait for Viktor to speak. I've been waiting for his call.
'How's the girl?' He asks, interested in on how I'm dealing with his choice of a slave.
'She's good.' My replies come out short and blunt, I don't have time for chit chat, I need to know that we're still on track.
'I'm in Tehran right now. I can't get in touch much. Plan is going well, once I get the details on where and when the auction is taking place I'll update you.' I let out a breath and feel satisfied with the news, although not satisfied enough. 'Sounds good.'
'Farewell Kaleb.' He said then I cut the line and kept a tight hold of the phone in my hand, almost crushing it. It'd been years since I met Viktor. Years since he made me into the man I am today. Years since I erased what was left of me and become the monster I've transformed into now. My old identity, gone. I can barely remember my real name. Barely remember my thoughts in the past, but I can clearly remember the betrayal I felt when I lost myself to the world I had been forced into. I will never apologise for being who I am, no one apologised for making me this way.

My blood boiled at the painful memories of my past. I turned that pain and the hurt into strength, I turned it into rage and that's what has kept me going, kept me standing and moving. It's too late to take back all the harm I've made, all the lives I've ruined and the life's I've took. It's too late to turn back now. I'm so close I can taste it. I can feel in my veins for I am unstoppable, I am unbreakable, for I am the monster I once feared I might become.

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