Missing you

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I miss seeing your smile
I miss the way you used to look me in the eyes
I miss your hands on my waist, pulling me close
I miss our foreheads touching as we talked
I miss your voice
I miss your laugh
I miss putting my head on your shoulder and you not caring if my makeup got on you
I miss running my fingers through your hair

Our last conversation runs through my head
How I leaned against that door frame with you too far way
How I was being such a bitch about us not talking in a month
Just praying you would tell me why
But no you just said you had been busy and would try later
I had to bite back tears that threatened to form
I'm sorry for not seeing you were stressed
I'm sorry I was never normal
That I'm a little different
I tried so hard to keep my moods and emotions in check
I guess it was never enough
That I will never be enough
As I watched you walk away I knew you were done
Done with my mood swings
Done with me being nervous over everything
Done with me in general
And now that you say you miss our previous friendship
You don't know what that did to me
How that broke open the pandora box of emotions in me
Now all I think of is how everything you said was nothing but a lie
A pretty lie to appease my fucked up mind
Even now I think of everything that could have been
As I hope maybe
Just maybe you miss me as much as I miss you

Hey ya! Just a poem I was inspired to write! Thank you so much for reading and the art to the artist 🖤

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