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I stood there watching her. Her long silk hair that was now covered in damp sweat covering either side of her face, she wiggled her wrists that were bound by the cuffs that held them up. Her body shifting uneasily as I approached her, taking deliberate slow steady steps and stood right above her. I looked down at her helpless, delicate body. She was thin, way too thin. I could break her. I could tear her body apart. My cock raged at the nude sight of her. Sweat had build its way down her neck to the line between her perky little breasts. Her chest heaved up and down as she tried to control her breathing. I could see that she was nervous, afraid. I hadn't fed her since I brought her here, nor gave her something to drink. I could see she was hungry, thirsty. It wasn't enough though, not enough for her to beg me to quench her hunger and thirst. She's stubborn, that much I could sense. But I am no match for her, for I am, way worse. I crouched down and ran my knuckles across her jaw. She flinched at my touch, desperate to get away. Smiling internally, I knew I had her heart trembling beneath my touch. Slow by slow I moved towards the tape that covered her mouth and silenced her voice then without a warning I ripped it off her mouth. She let out a gasp, taking in air, I knew it had to sting. Her full lips pressed together then parted as she took heavy breaths. She wanted to say something, anything, but she held back, her voice didn't co-operate with her unspoken words. I toyed with her bottom lip, holding it captive under my thumb. Her lips trembled against my hold. Lifting my index finger, I placed it at the front of her mouth, awaiting entry. Putting a little pressure, her lips parted once more and my finger intruded inside the warmth of her mouth.

'Suck' I breathed out. Her mouth felt hot against my finger, it made my cock twitch with lust. I wanted to take her, enter her body, mind and soul. Strip her of the person she was before me and turn her into my little toy. She hesitated before she began to suck on my finger, I clenched my jaw, putting all pressure onto my teeth that were pressed hard against each other. Her tongue, wet against my skin. It took everything I had not to pounce at her. Pulling my finger out of her mouth, instantly missing the heat her mouth brought. Grabbing her jaw, I tilted her face upwards and dug my fingers into her cheeks so that her lips parted. I looked at her terrified face and whispered against her lips; 'thirsty?'. It took her a minute to nod, I lifted my face from hers then spat into her mouth, straight after, wrapping my hand around her mouth. 'Swallow' I demanded. I could see the disgust in her face. It took her a while before she actually swallowed, I let go of her mouth and watched her, waiting for her to yell, to scream, to call me a sick fuck, instead, she opened her mouth and spat on me. For a girl with a blindfold on, she had a pretty good aim, I wiped at the saliva on my cheek and backhanded her. Her head fell to the side, her hair clouding over her face. She moaned out her pain then lifted her head back up. 'Low life piece of shit' she mumbled through greeted teeth. Her bravery amused me. I wanted to sit here all day and watch her struggle underneath my gaze. She was going to be a hard one to crack and I only had five months to break her.

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