Scene 4: The Mane 6 Meets The Past

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Sparking Sentry- Do you believe us now?

(Mane 6 look around in confusion)

Rarity- Sorry darlings, we are not sure if we do

Applejack- I believe 'em... just a little

Rainbow Flaire- Ugh!!!

Rainbow Dash- Sorry kids we need to follow the map to an unknown loca--

(The present Mane 6 comes out the mirror and fathers)

Soarin- Oh, Rainbow Flaire you are in so much trouble!

(Fillies gasp and see their mothers and fathers staring at them)

Caramel- Apple Flower, you're grounded

Apple Flower- Aweee!!

Fluttershy- You have me worried sick!

Big Mac- Eeyup. Me too!

(Apple Blossom whimpers)

Big Mac- You're grounded as well young filly

Pinkie Pie- Cheese Pie, no more cupcakes for a week!

Cheese Sandwich- Yeah, you're also grounded

Fancy Pants- Sapphire we'll talk about this later

Rarity- You will be punished, right now we have to talk to our "past" selves

Present Twilight- Thank for looking after our fillies

Past Fluttershy- So they really ARE our daughters?

Present Twilight- That's right

Past Rainbow Dash- I knew it all along

Past AJ- (scoffs) Yeah right!

Present Rarity- We need to get going

Present Mane 6- See you in the future

Past Mane 6- Bye!! See you later

(The present ponies jump through the mirror)

Past Rainbow Dash- Okay... what just happened?

Past Twilight- I think that was our future selves

Past Pinkie Pie- Did I really marry Cheese Sandwich?!

Past Rarity- Did I really marry Fancy Pants?! (Faints)

Past Twilight- *Blushes. D-did I m-marry Flash Sentry

Past Fluttershy- Twilight are you okay? Your face is as red as a rose

Past Twilight- Yours is too

Past Rainbow Dash- I don't see what the big deal is

Past AJ- Oh, sure ya don't. (Singsong) Rainbow and Soarin sittin' in a tree K-I-S-S--

Past Rainbow Dash- Quite, AJ!!! You love Caramel, don't you?

Past AJ- Why you little...

(All arguing)

(Next scene)

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