Scene 3: Back At The Castle

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(Meanwhile In The Present)

Mane 6- You did WHAT!?!?

Rarity- How could you let our children into the magic mirror?!

Fathers- We're all sorry, they slipped our grip

Twilight- We'll talk about this later...

Rainbow Dash- Right now we need to save our children

Fluttershy- Yes, poor Apple Blossom she might be scared or trapped in a tower or...

(Mane 6 shoot her a look)

I know... not helping

Applejack- We need to go into the mirror to go after them

Rainbow Dash- Yeah, let's go get them

Flash Sentry- We can't go in

Cheese Sandwich- The power some how unconnected, poor Cheese Pie

Fathers (except Cheese)- Ahem...

Cheese Sandwich- And the others too... heh heh

Big Mac- Twilight is there anything that can fix the mirror?

Twilight- I can, see you in ten minutes

(Ten minutes later)

Twilight- It is done, now let's go save our fillies

(Everypony jumps through the mirror)

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