Chapter 9

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Eliza's eyes felt like they were about to explode. Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! How long are they gonna stay in there? She massaged hard her temples and took deep breaths, managing to hold her urge to smash her fists on the desk. Again.

Hope this can help, the girl thought, glancing down at the latest little notebook she was using. She flipped through the pages filled with dates, notes and bill's serial numbers. Anything Eliza believed it could help prove the conspiracy against the chief of police, she had written down in a hasty handwriting.

Hope people can read it, she thought, squinting her eyes to understand what she wrote. The next second, she let out a heavy and frustrated sigh as her heart sank. It's not enough to save the chief. With all I found, I can incriminate so many people. Actually, I can bring down most of the town. But what I really need is to find the proof that disappeared... that will show the chief's innocence.

Eliza had given up searching for the evidence on the first day. With so many people involved, there was no chance of her finding it. So she went with the only other choice; follow those close to the mayor and hope to catch anything that might help her.

From the safety of the library, Eliza had discovered a lot about the town's general corruption. She had a lot that could help Bianca's father in the future. Bianca... thinking of her girlfriend made the girl close her eyes to stop the tears. Things had gotten worse for the chief of police. Not only had the evidence disappeared, other false accusations piled on him.

Besides the mayor himself, Eliza followed his wife, his eldest daughter and son, both city councilmembers, his second son, third daughter, and the assistant. Now she was following the mayor's main bodyguard turn, Jairo, who was off duty today.

Ignoring her stingy eyes, Eliza focused on the public library's wall. No change, she thought when she saw the club and the bodyguard remained by the pool. But no matter how long she had been waiting, she didn't feel discouraged at all.

I know he's gonna get something big today. There's no way the mayor would hand his bodyguard a bag full of money for no reason other than the evidence. And there's no way the bodyguard would go to the club with the money for no reason other than making the payoff. Whenever someone entered the locker room, the girl watched if they would go to the locker eleven where Jairo had placed the money. But so far, nothing.

Eliza rested her eyes for a few moments before opening her bag and pulling another identical notebook. In capital letters, she copied down the latest information. I'm gonna need more notebooks, she realized when finished, almost reaching the last page. She glanced at her bag filled with notebooks and let out a groan.

The idea of completing another notebook and copying all the information on the other made her hand throbbed. I've never written so much in my life. Guess all writers out there are masochists, she thought, letting out a tired chuckle. But for Bianca, I'll be a masochist too. When she realized what she thought, her laugh was more cheerful. If she ever knows I thought of this...

With the redhead in mind, Eliza breathed deep and concentrated on the wall once more. After everything she didn't want to see disappeared from her line of sight, her eyes stopped on Jairo. About fucking time! She was so happy she lost control of her powers. Buildings, trees, people, cars and much more blurred. Without closing her eyes, Eliza held her breath.

When everything settled, she watched the bodyguard walking to the locker room with a cop. Luiz? Eliza almost lost control of her powers again when she recognized the man. Calm down, Eliza. Maybe he has nothing to do with this. Yeah, that could be it. How many times he had dinner with us? Dad trusts him.

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